Supplements to Rev up Fat Burning
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Supplements to Rev up Fat Burning

Supplements to Rev up Fat Burning

If you really want to boost your weight loss efforts, there are ways to increase the burn without resorting to dangerous diet drugs. Here are some of the top natural weight loss supplements that you can easily incorporate into your diet.




This plant, native to the Andes Mountains, has been a well-kept South American secret for thousands of years. The dried root is ground up and sold in powder form.


Maca encourages your body to use the glucose present in your bloodstream for energy production. This helps to mop up excesses that would previously have been converted to fat. It has been proven to have significant benefits in terms of insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.


It can also help to provide extra energy so is best mixed in with a glass of fruit juice or smoothie every morning.


Raw Cacao


Cacao nibs are derived from the roasted cacao beans – low temperatures are used in the process and the beans are de-husked. You can also find raw cacao in powder format.


There is no sugar in the raw cacao at all, giving you the flavour of chocolate without the sugar high. There is tons of magnesium in it, and this also plays a role in the management of blood sugar. The caffeine present boosts your metabolism.


Either eat the cacao nibs as they are or mix the raw powder into your drinks – hot or cold. Do not use after about 3:00pm if you have problems sleeping.


Cayenne Pepper


The capsaicin in Cayenne Pepper is what contributes to helping you lose weight and also what helps to keep your heart healthy. The capsaicin has been proven to increase the body’s fat-burning ability.


It helps to improve the flavour of food and to encourage the rate at which your body burns abdominal fat.


Sprinkle over food or take it in supplement form. Alternatively, mix in a quarter teaspoon of the Cayenne Pepper with a bit of lemon juice and warm water and take first thing in the morning.


Hemp Seeds


Hemp seeds are high in protein, fibre and essential fatty acids. This combination helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and helps keep energy levels constant.


Sprinkle over food or mix in one portion of the seeds with four portions of water to use as a milk replacement.


Dandelion Root


Dandelions have high levels of nutrients and are an effective way to detox your system. They have a strong diuretic effect and help the body to balance blood sugar levels. Taken as a supplement it also helps to increase the flow of bile which, in turn, helps with the metabolism of fat.


The powdered root can be roasted and used as a substitute for coffee. Alternatively take it as a supplement or tea.

Green Tea


Green tea has been proven to increase the metabolic rate, increase the rate at which your body burns fat and to provide energy. The caffeine content is what boosts your energy and the high anti-oxidant content is what contributes to the detoxification process.


Green tea is an overall health booster and you should either take it in supplement form or drink three cups of the tea a day. Once again, if you battle to sleep, do not take the tea after three in the afternoon.

Use the extra energy the supplements give you to energy for your 7-Minute Workout.


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Layla Dressman
Layla Dressman
8 years ago

wonderful site!! You could start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

Arthur Compton
Arthur Compton
8 years ago

Well I am not familiar all the stuff that you have mention here in post but yeah I am familiar with one supplement that is… Read more »

8 years ago

thanks for shared this information with us.there are many way to loss or burn weight..follow the plan for weight loss like diet,exercise and so other..

Natural Nutri-Care
Natural Nutri-Care
6 years ago

Hi Your blog is very beautiful and informative. Which information you have provided is such a very useful. your post is very helpful for the… Read more »

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