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Best Power Rack Reviews – Find Squat Cage for a Home Gym

Best Power Rack Reviews - Find Squat Cage for a Home Gym 1
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Best Power Rack Reviews - Find Squat Cage for a Home Gym 2
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Best Power Rack Reviews - Find Squat Cage for a Home Gym 3
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Best Power Rack Reviews - Find Squat Cage for a Home Gym 4
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Editor's NotesBest RatedVery AffortableAwesome for beginnersGood Value for Money
Dimentions48.9 "W x 51.5"D x 82.5"H48"W x 48"D x 83"H44"W X 46"D X 82"H53 x 44 x 64 inches
Frame2 x 3 11 gauge steel2" X 2" 12 gauge steel2" x 2" 14 gauge steel12 gauge steel
Capacity1200 lbs800 lbs600 lbs500 lbs
Hole Spacing2" spacing (not numbered)28 holes @ 2" spacing18 holes @ 3" spacing17 holes
WarrentyLifetime for frame and parts10 year for frame10 year for frame3 year for frame
Additional DetailsReviews[ps2id url='#Atlas-PR1001']Atlas PR1001 Review[/ps2id][ps2id url='#POWERLINE-PPR200X']POWERLINE PPR200X Review[/ps2id][ps2id url='#VALOR-ATHLETICS']VALOR ATHLETICS Review[/ps2id]

Allow us here to introduce you to full benefits of the power rack/ Squat Cage for a Home Gym

PPR 200X Best Power Rack review
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If you’re creating a home gym, the power rack is the one piece of equipment you should splurge on. A rack allows you to use free weights at home and lift heavy without the need for a spotter. Machines at the gym can be useful, but you’ll typically have to wait in line to use them. You might not ever get your full workout in if you can’t find a spotter.

Why Power Rack?

The versatility of a power rack will blow away your mind and you will start to love it as you push your limits. It can be used for aerobic workouts like Crossfit or for pure strength training to gain massive muscles.

Here are best power rack reviews for your consideration.

Best Power Rack Reviews – BodyCraft F430 Power Rack

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More detailed BodyCraft 430 review

Best Power Rack Reviews – Atlas PR1001 Power Rack

Best Power Rack Reviews - Atlas PR1001
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The Atlas PR1001 power rack is our top-rated product and received a perfect five out of five consumer ratings. With an impressive eight hundred pound weight capacity and large walk-in design, this is a versatile rack that can fit lifters of any size. Built from twelve gauge solid steel the PR1001 weighs approximately 137 pounds, with a shipping weight around 190 pounds. Designed for easy movement, this wide walk-in rack allows you to work out comfortably without altering your movements, thanks to the extra room on all sides. This model is eighty-three inches tall. If you have lower ceilings you’ll need to measure and calculate the height of the user as they do pull-ups, in order to avoid injury during a workout. Equipped with adjustable pins for user safety, you can now test yourself like never before and lift heavy without a spotter.  If you’ve never used a cage before, then we recommend carefully reading the user’s manual and testing out the safety bars, before use. Get used to how these bars need to be adjusted, based on your height. As you squat deep, if you’re unable to return to the standing position you should be able to easily drop the weight, with the safety bar placed at a height that’s close enough to catch it. Aside from pushing yourself with the free weights you can also utilize the chin-up bar and do a variety of pulls ups or ab exercises. This is an all in one machine that gives you a total body workout at home. The perfect solution for powerlifters that have plateaued and for individuals who want to lift heavy but can’t do it alone without a spotter.

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Best Power Rack Reviews – PowerLine PPR200X

Best Power Rack Reviews - PowerLine-PPR200X
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The PR200X PowerLine power rack weighs in at 137 pounds and features a weight capacity of 700 pounds. That makes it an excellent choice for moderate lifters. Purchasing a rack is a more affordable option than spending hundreds of dollars a year for your gym membership. The gym has a ton of different exercise machines, which is what makes going desirable and convenient, especially for people who don’t have space for a large home gym. But there’s always that one scenario that gets under your skin. Your plan for the afternoon is to hit the gym, get in a quick workout, take a shower, and get ready for work. At the gym, you realize your plans need to be drastically changed as you wait in line after line for each machine. This is a major problem for most gym-goers. And unless you belong to a twenty-four-hour gym and workout at three in the morning, this will always be a problem. But a power rack is all you need if you’re serious about getting huge, cut or lean. The key to a successful workout regimen is you must have the right tools.  This rack by PowerLine is the tool you’ve been searching for. Now, workout anytime, alone, and without a spotter. Utilize the safety bars and squat heavy like never before. The safety bars are designed to catch the barbell if you’ve pushed yourself too hard during a set. PowerLine has also created an extensive line of attachments that are compatible with this machine. Each attachment allows you to do a variety of new exercises for a more challenging workout that can prevent your body from plateauing. This particular model includes eighteen bar positions, making it the perfect power rack for users of all sizes. This piece of equipment can easily accommodate any lifting workout you have in mind. You can also use it for a tough ab workout that utilizes your body weight for that six-pack you’ve always wanted.

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Best Power Rack Reviews – Valor Athletics

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This power rack by Valor Athletics features a solid design with a frame that’s made from solid twelve-gauge steel and a walk-in design for improved range of motion as you work out. This model allows you to use your free weights like never before. The very design of the power cage lets you get a total body workout using free weights or bodyweight. Many people overlook the fact that they can get an excellent arm and abs workout using the pull-up bar. Recently, street workouts, which utilize body weight and feature a variety of creative exercises, with minimal equipment required, is trending because these types of exercises can get you cut and lean, working out even the smallest muscle groups like never before. Aside from using the pull-up bar for a challenging ab and arm workout, this model also comes with a free lat attachment, which can be utilized for standing rows, traditional rows, pulldowns and triceps pull. This attachment features a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Valor Athletics is another company that produces a line of high-end power racks and power rack exclusive accessories and attachments. Other accessories for this model that are sold separately include short bar holders and extensions for the safety bars. The built-in pull-up bar features a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a knurled coating for improved grip allowing you to work out longer. This highly rated rack received mostly positive consumer feedback and is a great addition to your home gym. This can quickly take the place of your Bowflex and other machines and become your favorite workout equipment.

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Best Power Rack Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Power Rack Reviews - smith-machine-home-gyms
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Choosing the right cage for your home gym might seem overwhelming at first because there are so many options out there. That’s why you need to do a little research before you pull the trigger. You need to buy a rack that’s strong, sturdy, and equipped with a large weight capacity. Weight capacity will ultimately depend on your lifting goals. If you’re okay with benching under five hundred pounds, then purchase a model with a five hundred pound weight capacity. If you have big goals and want to lift more than five hundred, buy a model with at least an eight hundred pound capacity.

Some models come with dip bar attachments which can give your arms one tough workout. Dips are considered one of the seven best core exercises and should be part of your lifting routine. If you don’t end up purchasing a cage with dip bars then you should buy a dip station separately.

Some racks also have plenty of storage space designed to store weight plates securely. Not only will this feature help to keep you organized and your gym clutter-free but it can also save you a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be used searching for weights and setting up for your workout.

Finding a good power cage locally can be a big problem. Most stores that sell weight lifting machines and gear will usually devote most of their floor space to treadmills, stationary bikes, and horrible home gym weight machines that just aren’t challenging enough or made to last. If they do carry a power rack, it’s usually one that’s pretty basic and not something you’d buy if you had other options. So instead, look online where you can find hundreds of models to choose from.

Power Cage Exercises for Powerlifting and Buying Tips

Best Power Rack Reviews
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Training with a cage is much safer than going it alone, especially if you’re using heavier weights to break through a plateau.

To do squats with a cage, place the bar in line with your upper shoulders and put the safety bars right below your squat position. The safety bars should be low enough that you can reach full squat depth and place high enough that you’re able to drop the weight if you aren’t able to return to a standing position.

Bench pressing using a power rack is very safe because the safety bars will catch the bar if you fail to complete a rep.

Deadlifting with a rack allows you to perform reverse band or standard band deadlifts.

If you’re serious about lifting at home, there are a variety of models to choose from that offer a number of attachments and add-on features.  But all these extras can add up pretty fast. If the rack you want is only compatible with a line of accessories that you don’t want or would never use then you may need to look for a model by a different manufacturer. Some of these attachments and accessories are entirely unnecessary, while others are pretty cool and could add some much-needed variety to your workout.  So in the future, should you want to change up your routine, it’s important that the line of attachments you have to choose from is extensive and features attachments that you’re interested in.

Initially, you’ll need a basic cage that allows you to rack the bar for heavy squats and overhead presses. Safety bars for back squats and bench presses are also a must if you want to lift when alone safely. A pull-up bar is also a necessary part of your core workout, and fortunately, most models are equipped with one.

Before you order, make sure that you have enough floor space available and never purchase a rack that’s higher than what your ceiling will comfortably allow. When measuring, don’t forget to calculate the clearance needed when doing pull-ups. Your designated workout space needs to be large enough to allow you to load the bar and the bar should not rub against a wall.

If you’re tall, don’t purchase a shorter cage just because it’s cheaper and the same goes if you’re short. Typically, the more inexpensive the rack the narrower and shorter it is.

Expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $800 for a rack, depending on the size, extras, and attachments. Larger cages are more expensive and usually come with additional attachments and accessories.  Because this is a piece of equipment, you’ll be able to use for several years to come, don’t skimp on the price. Instead, look at it as an investment towards a healthier, ripped future and consider how much money you’ll save by working out at home.

Power racks play a significant role in strength training. As a powerlifter, you’ll perform three main lifts: deadlift, bench press, and squat. If you use a power rack to lift, you can work out alone, without a spotter, anytime you want. The rack’s large metal frame consists of four vertical uprights that are joined to form a square shape. The adjustable horizontal bars allow you to set safety bars in place, which are designed to catch a barbell, if you’re unable to finish a rep or if the barbell gets away from you. Waiting in line at the gym or waiting until someone is free to spot you can be a big hassle, especially if you’re in a rush and need to get a quick lift before work. With a power rack, there’s no more waiting only gaining.

Safety Concerns when lifting weights

With heavy lifting, safety is always the main priority. All power racks come with safety bars. These bars allow you to lift weights safely on your own and work by catching a barbell if you need to dump weight or if you accidentally drop it. You’ll need to learn how to set the bars correctly before each exercise based on your height. Some people believe that if you know your limits and lift under control, then you shouldn’t need safety bars in the first place. However, safety bars are not only used as a safety net of sorts should you lift too much, but as a safety precaution if you accidentally lose your grip or pull a muscle and drop the barbell. Bottom line, accidents happen, even with the weight you’re used to lifting and if you want to lift heavy, then you have to lift safely.  Lifting is all about improving yourself, both body and mind; it’s not about showing off or cutting corners. Lifting heavy without safety bars also means you won’t lift with confidence because that deep fear of dropping the bar will always be in the back of your mind, and for a good reason.

Using your basic free weight set and pacing yourself is the way many people begin, but working out this way can be somewhat limiting if you have dreams of gains. If you don’t frequently beef up your lift weight, then you’ll run into a plateau, which is a problem because it stands in the way of you building more muscle. During a plateau, you’ll probably panic and worry that you’ll lose the muscle you have, but realistically, if you continue to lift the same weight you can maintain your current build, you just won’t make any progress.  Your body must continually be challenged if you want to make progress. If you’re happy with your body and simply want to maintain it, then there’s no need to continue to add more weight to your powerlifting workout.

Best Power Rack Reviews for Home Gym - 2016-2017 3
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