fermented garlic benefits
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Fermented garlic benefits

How many of you have heard of black garlic? It’s a popular ingredient used by cooks. The reason why it is loved by them? Well, it is because garlic not only has a taste that is special, but it is packed with antioxidants.

What’s Black Garlic?

Black Fermented Garlic
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Black garlic is white garlic which went through a particular type of procedure, thus changing some of its contents. The process alters sugars and the amino acids into melanoidin, making the garlic using a color. So as to turn garlic to black garlic, you’ll need to heat it for 4 to 6 weeks at a temperature that is particular to produce the part of black garlic.

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fermented garlic benefits
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Garlic has been used as a medicine since ancient times up into the modern age where its benefits are still observed and clinically proven. Records indicate that garlic was used as a digestive aid, to fight antibiotic infections and for a large selection of ailments as medicine.

Different kind of Garlic?

White Garlic becomes Dark Garlic following a month-long fermentation procedure under rigorously controlled humidity and heat. This process results that are specific is a jelly-like texture that has a taste and is free of odor.
From a nutritional perspective, Black Garlic has a greater content of allicin, the active ingredient in White Garlic that imparts its own benefits, but without the odor. Black Garlic is full of amino acids and contains almost double the quantity of antioxidants compared to White Garlic. But that isn’t the whole story.
Black Garlic also comprises an additional very specific compound known as S-Allycysteine (SAC) at very high concentrations, in contrast to White Garlic that’s water soluble and thus consumed easily inside the body. S-Allylcysteine has been proven to aid in the absorption of allicin. This leaves Black Garlic much more powerful than White Garlic for the benefits and it’s well tolerated by the track so the possibility of distress is minimized.

How to store black garlic?

Store bought Black Garlic can be kept at room temperature in an unopened package until the stamped expiry date. After opened Black Garlic could be stored for 3-6 weeks in a fridge. Black Garlic may also be saved for up to a month at room temperature.

Why Is It So Great about Black Garlic?

We all know that garlic is full of antioxidants — but did you know that black garlic has even MORE? Apart from the batch of antioxidants, it was made to provide benefits.

  1. It assists you in the case of arterial sclerosis
  2. It prevents heart diseases. Garlic is clinically proven to be healthy for the heart working by increasing the production of homocysteine levels in the blood.
  3. Research suggests that garlic promotes circulation of blood by increasing hydrogen sulfide production in the body.
  4. Garlic contains sulfur chemicals which could be of benefit and may help clotting that is normal. It’s similar to taking low dose aspirin.
  5. It prevents cancer because of the antioxidants
  6. Garlic stimulates the production of white blood cell which is needed by the immune system to fight infections including colds and fungal infections such as candida. In reality, some studies suggest that garlic and infections which are resilient to some antibiotics fight. Garlic has antimicrobial properties and in the 1950’s has been used to treat dysentery and cholera.
  7. Garlic has been proven to be of advantage in normalizing glucose levels and it’s believed that this is a result of its ability to boost insulin production.
  8. It’s theorized that garlic can enhance production of testosterone levels in both women and men suggesting that it can be of advantage to boost sex drive.

These are merely some of the main advantages of garlic. It’s well established that garlic has blood thinning properties. So those consuming similar medicines should consult their Doctor before consuming any garlic supplements.

Cooking with Dark Garlic

You may use black garlic for a variety of recipes in (sort of) liquid forms like a puree, sauce, marinade or dressing. You can make pizza and pasta flavored with garlic, and do not be surprised when you see it within a dessert.
As we’ve already mentioned, this black garlic is used by chefs who mastered the cooking art. They use garlic which has been turned to garnish their dishes. They also recommend some ways of using this ingredient for sandwiches, combining the mayo.

Sounds yummy, right? Try adding to your own favorite recipes and reap the health benefits as well.

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