First Degree Fitness Newport Rower Review

First Degree Fitness Newport Rower
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Once you have decided it’s time to make some important lifestyle changes that include working out three to four times a week, choosing your workout can be both overwhelming and downright frustrating. There are several different types of exercise machines on the market, with the standard exercise bikes, treadmills, and weightlifting machines. These machines can definitely help you to meet your fitness goals, but the type of workouts they offer aren’t for everyone. For beginners, the goal should be to find an effective workout they can enjoy and look forward to doing.

First Degree Fitness Newport Rower Review
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Where a person works out can also be a big problem for some people, especially people who want to avoid the gym experience entirely. Whether it’s because they don’t want to work out in front of a crowd or they don’t want to deal with waiting in line, the gym just isn’t for everyone. Which is why so many exercise machine manufacturers produce a large variety of home exercise equipment. Choosing a machine for home use can also be daunting because using the same machine day in and day out can get boring and wear down a person’s drive to get fit. So now it’s time to learn more about a type of workout machine that has a reputation for being both fun and challenging; enter the water rowing machine.

First Degree Fitness Newport Rowing Machine Specs and Features

A rowing machine isn’t the first piece of exercise equipment that comes to mind when searching for home fitness equipment, but it should be. Using a rower a few times a week can tone muscles in the entire body and allows the user to set the pace and intensity of a workout which makes it perfect for beginners or users who need to take it slow due to sore muscles or injuries. This type of exercise can engage all the major muscle groups and will easily allow you to burn anywhere from five hundred to a thousand calories an hour, depending on how fast and hard you row.

The Newport rowing machine by First Degree Fitness offers a challenging cardiovascular workout that simulates the experience of rowing out on a lake from the comfort of your home. Weighing in at sixty pounds this machine has a maximum weight capacity of three hundred pounds and utilizes a water resistance system that includes a large tank of water for a realistic rowing feel. Because this machine uses a water-resistance system, you can easily adjust the amount of tension by adding or removing water from the tank. When the tank is fuller it makes rowing more difficult. Once you remove some of the water, rowing is much easier. The tank holds between nine and seventeen liters of water. To adjust the water level flip the valve control. The water will move from the machine’s inner tank to the outer tank quickly and quietly. The tank is made from an indestructible plastic known as polycarbonate.

This type of workout diversity is perfect for households with family members of different fitness levels.

The Newport features a large computer display monitor that helps you keep track of strokes per minute, time, distance and calories burned.

The low friction air-glide seat rollers provide a smoother glide. The machine’s paddle features a triple blade impeller system that ensures consistent pull and push motion as you row. This will help to perfect your stroke.

The ergonomic seat is heavily padded while the handle is foam packed for improved grip. The rower’s seat rail is made from rust-resistant anodized aluminum that’s made to handle heavy use.

The overall design of the machine makes it perfect for the home that’s are short on space. The easy tilt feature allows the rowing machine to be stored securely in an upright position.

Assembly time will take about thirty minutes. All tools required for assembly have been included in the package. The illustrated step by step assembly instructions will easily guide you through the entire process.

Consumer Feedback for this First Degree Fitness Rowing Machine

This model comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on all other parts. It’s a great rowing machine that can be used by the entire family and the easy to change resistance levels make it perfect for beginners and pros.

Pros: Easy to use and assemble, this is a model that allows you to customize your workout to meet your current fitness level or fitness goals. This cardiovascular workout will get your heart racing and the blood flowing as it burns up to a thousand calories an hour, and the best part is it’s actually fun to use. The large monitor allows you to easily read your stats and progress so you can continue to challenge yourself during the duration of the workout. Consumers noted that the monitor’s readings were very accurate and helped them to better track their daily calorie intake.

Cons: This rowing machine received mainly positive feedback from consumers who purchased it. For individuals already in shape this type of exercise may not be challenging enough. Keep in mind you can easily intensify a workout by rowing faster in addition to adding more water to the tank. Some consumers also mentioned wearing weighted ankle and wrist weights to step up the intensity of their workout.

Conclusion and Rating for the Newport Rowing Machine

This rower received a consumer rating of four and a half out of five stars for easy assembly, large easy to read monitor, workout tracking features and the overall quality of the machine. This machine can make working out fun again and adds much needed variety to your weekly workout. For best results fitness experts recommend this type of cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week, combined with weight training and yoga or Pilates for a well-rounded fitness regimen. While it can definitely increase your endurance during an intense workout, the gentle sounds of the water as you row also helps to make your workout both peaceful and relaxing.




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ron kelly
ron kelly
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How high is the seat above the floor?

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