PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack Review

If you enjoy working out at home, and your usual go-to piece of equipment is your set of free weights, at some point, usually three to six months down the line, your body will plateau and need a more challenging workout. This means you’ll need to use more weight when you lift. So you have a few options. Your first option is to join a gym and go with a friend or ask someone at the gym to spot you. Your second option is to invite a friend over and have them spot you, which means you have to rely on someone else to get a workout in. Your last option is to purchase a power rack, also known as a power cage. The PowerLine PPR200X is a slightly smaller rack that still allows the user full range of motion to execute a wide variety of exercises, but the frame itself will take up less room in the home.

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack Assessment: Specs and Features

The power rack weighs 137 pounds and has a weight capacity of seven hundred pounds. This piece of equipment lets you work out any time, day or night, alone. No longer will you have to stand in line at the gym or wait for your buddy to get off work. The reason a spotter is not necessary is the machine’s safety bars, which are designed to catch a bar, should you lose control during a challenging workout. This feature alone is a huge selling point for this model. The walk-in design accommodates a large variety of heights and allows you to move freely during a workout because there’s a ton of side room. This rack includes eighteen positions, a couple of saber-style safety bars and two lift-offs that are heat tempered.

Using a power cage can make your workout options feel pretty limitless. Some of the major exercises you can do on this machine includes overhead presses, squats, bench presses, inverted row, upright row and barbell shrug.

So how can this power rack provide a more challenging home workout? When you work out at the gym you usually have to have someone help you by taking the barbell away once you’ve reached your maximum amount of reps. Doing this alone at home can be dangerous because without a spotter, you run the risk of the bar falling on you and pinning you to the bench, causing serious injury. Because of this fear, most lifters who work out at home won’t push their workout to this limit and only lift the amount of weight they’re used to and know for sure that they can handle. Since the power rack prevents the barbell from dropping on you while you exercise, you can now gradually increase the amount of weight you lift without the fear of injuring yourself if you can’t finish a rep.

This is a very stable model, which is definitely a must for a squat rack. A rack that’s too light or unstable can tip over during a workout. The wide design provides enough room on each side of the user so that form and range of motion are not affected.

PowerLine has also created a number of modifications for the PPR200X that can be purchased at an additional cost. These modifications include J hook attachments, plate holders, and a lateral pulldown attachment.

The ten-year product warranty is nothing short of impressive and it can give consumers confidence in this purchase knowing that the manufacturer stands by their product.

Even though this is a sturdy power rack, it’s easy to transport and will only take a couple of people to move. This is especially important for people who live in an upstairs apartment or for homes that are short on space. Store it against the wall of your garage and easily slide it out when it’s time to exercise.

Consumer Feedback for this PowerLine Rack

A solidly built rack, this is a model that has a lot to offer your work out. Challenge yourself at home using the included safety bars and up your lift weight to continue making progress.

Pros: The eighteen positions allow you to do decline, incline and flat bench presses, barbell shrugs, rows, military presses and squats. You can pretty much do any type of lift that you want with this rack. The pull-up bar is sturdy and provides more variety to your workout, allowing you to isolate muscles, do wide spaced pull-ups and is a great workout for your forearms.

Cons: The manufacturer boasts a weight capacity of seven hundred pounds, however, according to consumers five hundred pounds seems to be the true limit. If you add more than five-hundred pounds to this frame it tends to wobble and doesn’t feel stable or safe at all. Because of this, if you’re a serious bodybuilder or have a goal of becoming a serious lifter, then this model isn’t for you. It’s definitely a great product for individuals looking to get fit and acquire definition and muscle tone, but you won’t meet your fitness goals if you have dreams of getting huge with this rack. We recommend checking out other models that offer a larger weight capacity. Another common complaint involved the cage’s paint job. Many consumers noted that the paint easily flaked off during a workout or when the model was moved. This can be a problem if the rack is used on carpet. While it doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the frame or impact your workout in any way, it can be a pain to clean up and is a somewhat frustrating problem to deal with considering the price you paid.

Conclusion and Rating for this Power Rack

Because it’s unable to handle more than five hundred pounds this isn’t a rack that’s recommended for serious lifters looking for a new challenging way to work out. The perfect model for anyone looking to get toned and add some variety to their exercise regimen, if you can deal with the flaking paint job this cage can make a great addition to your home gym. Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for the solid frame and safety features.

PowerLine PPR200X - Best Value for Money
  • Ultimate Strength
  • Build Quality
  • Design
  • Size


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