Atlas PR1001 Power Rack Review
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Atlas PR1001 Power Rack Review

The Atlas PR1001 power rack weighs in at an impressive 137 pounds and features an eight hundred pound weight capacity, which means this is one sturdy rack. You can use this piece of equipment to perform curls, squats, bench press, crunches and a number of other exercises that utilize free weights and body weight for a tougher workout. The built-in pull-up bar is located at the top of the cage and can be used for kipping pull-ups, walking pull-ups, standard pull-ups and a variety of other exercises that focus on the arms and core, for a more challenging workout. The power rack’s design is described as a walk-in, so it’s wide enough to allow free movement even for taller users which means you can work out comfortably without restricting your movements and altering normally perfect form.

Atlas PR1001 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specs

This power cage is made from twelve gauge solid steel and offers a total of twenty-eight positions for a full body workout. The versatility of this machine allows both short and tall users to correctly place the safety bars prior to their workout and ensures that these bars have been set to the right height in the event that the lifter needs to dump weight in a hurry. The model is eighty-three inches tall, with an inside workspace that measures in at twenty-six inches. Unlike a squat rack, working out with a power rack requires the user to workout inside the equipment, which helps to save on floor space.

With this power rack, you can use free weights or body weight to perform a number of exercises. The adjustable safety bars allows you to move the bar to the appropriate height for each type of exercise. This feature definitely comes in handy if you lose control of the bar mid-rep.

If you want to use the rack to bench press, you can do so by placing the safety bars above your chest, in order to prevent injury if you can’t finish that last rep. This also applies to doing a barbell squat. All you need to do is place the safety bars at the depth you want to squat.

Now you can work out with the perfect range of motion since you’re able to adjust the safety bars to any height. Any fitness expert will tell you that correct form when lifting or doing any type of exercise is crucial and will make your workout more effective, while poor form can prevent you from seeing results including muscle gain or weight loss.  Because you can train alone with a power rack you can increase your lift weight with confidence and focus on reps instead of worrying about dropping the bar.  As an example, you can frequently test yourself by adding ten or twenty more pounds to your normal lift weight and see how many reps you can do without ending up pinned under the bar.

As we’ve mentioned, the cage will make a great addition to your home gym because it can challenge your body in a number of new ways allowing you to shake off that plateau so you can start making progress again.  A plateau essentially means your progress is on hold. During this time, you won’t lose or gain weight or build muscle. For many people trying to get fit, a plateau can be frustrating and will definitely affect their motivation to get in shape.   To prevent a plateau, after a couple of months, be sure to mix in other workouts such as running, swimming and strength training with free weights. Fortunately, since a cage allows you to do so many different types of exercises a plateau won’t be likely, but using the same equipment daily for months on end can get boring and the goal here is to continually add new and challenging workouts to test your body and stamina. Boredom can be a big motivation killer.

The most common exercise used for the cage is squats. However, there are several other movements you can do outside or inside your steel cube, including close-grip bench press, rack lockout, rack pull, overhead press, and barbell bent over rows, upright row, inverted row, and barbell shrug. This list is just some of the major exercises you can do and doesn’t include the respective variations for each exercise.

Please note that its not listed on Amazon anymore, so we are recommending a solid alternative instead.

Consumer Feedback for this Atlas Power Cage

This is a versatile fitness machine that truly allows the user to test their limits, safely.  Because it comes with built-in dip bars and a pull-up bar you won’t have to buy these pieces of equipment in the future and it also saves some space in your home gym. With both features, you can use your body weight to work out and get ripped abs and cut arms.

Pros: Consumers noted the pull-up bar was easier to grip compared to most, thanks to the light knurling. When working out there is no noticeable wobbling, even when using the pull-up bar. The large walk-in design is built for short and tall users so it can be used by more than one person in the household.

Cons: This rack is definitely heavy which makes it a hassle to deliver and transport, especially if you live in an apartment. Racks take up a ton of space, so keep this in mind if you’re living in cramped quarters. Take careful measurements before you buy to determine if there is enough clearance to accommodate the equipment and a person doing pull-ups. You might need to pass on this model if you have low ceilings.  Unlike bulky Bowflex machines that don’t continue to challenge the user once they’re in shape, a cage can be used for years to come, the only other equipment you’ll need to purchase is heavier weight plates or optional cage attachments.

Conclusion and Rating for the PR1001 by Atlas

Consumers gave this model a rating of five out of five stars for features, frame quality, design and safety bars, making this our top rated product. Atlas delivers a product that’s versatile, sturdy and challenging. This is a must-have if your goal is to get lean or add muscle.

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