Valor Athletics Power Rack Review

This power rack by Valor Athletics is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that’s often used by bodybuilders. The power rack also referred to as a power cage is a great alternative to weight machines at the gym and allows the user to knock out a tough workout without the need of a spotter, thanks to the included safety bars. This particular model is equipped with a lat pull attachment and built-in pull-up bar and dip bars for a more challenging workout.

Valor Athletics Power Rack Overview: Specs and Features

After the barbell, the power rack is the most valuable piece of strength training equipment essential for gains, especially for people who have to lift alone.

This cage is built to last with a frame that’s made from twelve gauge steel that measures in at two by two inches. This type of solid design is what you need to look for in a cage. A rack that’s too flimsy can fall over if you load it up to its weight capacity. Four plate storage pegs are also included and located towards the back of the model, with each side holding two pegs. This eight inch long pegs can accommodate one or two-inch plates easily. With this Valor model, you can adjust the bars into seventeen different positions for a variety of exercises. Many people mistakenly think that a rack is pretty basic and can only assist you with your weight lifting, but they’re wrong. Because these bars are highly adjustable and most models include a chin-up bar, you can get in a pretty grueling workout using your body weight and work certain muscles that have not been challenged with basic strength training. These exercises include rack-rail leg raise, a variety of chin-ups including air walking and upside down crunches for an excruciating ab workout. Basically, if you have a good imagination you can incorporate a number of additional exercises into your workout regimen on a power rack and get the most out of this product. If you’re unsure how to create this type of workout, check out YouTube where you can find thousands of power rack videos that show you how to really diversify your workout.

The frame itself features a five hundred pound weight capacity, which is somewhat limiting to individuals that are serious about gaining more muscle. If you’re looking for a rack that can get you lean and cut, then this Valor cage is right up your alley. If you’re a lifter that has plateaued and need a rack so you can lift heavier without a spotter, pass this rack by and find a model with an eight hundred pound weight capacity.

Valor Athletics produces a wide variety of fitness equipment including optional modifications for this power rack. These mods are sold separately, although they’ve thrown in the lat attachment to give you a taste of what you’re missing.  The lat attachment provides additional exercises you can perform, including pulldowns, triceps pull and seated or standing rows.

Some must-have accessories that are sold separately include safety bar extensions and short bar holders.

Included in this package are two safety bars that are made from steel and built tough enough to withstand an impressive amount of force. A lap bar is also included which is used to protect the lifter during lat pull reps. additionally, a bar pad is included for much-needed comfort.

The included pull-up bar features a knurled design for improved grip and added comfort.  This bar measures in at eighty-three inches from the ground and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The length of the warranty coverage for this model will vary depending on the component. The lat pull pulley’s and cables come with a one year warranty. The rack frame comes with a three-year warranty.

Consumer Feedback for this Valor Athletics Power Cage

The key to getting the most out of a workout using a power cage is knowing how to use it. It offers so much more than just spotting assistance. Use the cage for the best ab workout of your life. Work your forearms and legs using your body weight and you’ll notice more defined muscles and a more toned and tighter look. One of the best uses is performing partial reps, which overload the specific muscles being worked. It also helps to strengthen ligaments and tendons to a higher degree.

Hang from the pull-up bar with your hands placed with palms facing away from you and outside your shoulder width. Pull yourself up until the chin is over the bar, then slowly raise the knees to your chest. Do as many reps as you can for a challenging ab workout.

Pros: The safety bars are designed to catch a barbell, should you lose control during a weight lifting session. This means you’ll no longer have to wait around for a spotter. You can also challenge yourself like never before by adding more weight and do completing as many reps as possible. Before, you would have to gradually increase weight in order to prevent an injury should you drop the barbell, or you would have to dump weight which can be very damaging to your floor and equipment, not to mention potentially your feet. This power rack gives you more confidence during a workout and provides better results because you can work a variety of muscle groups by lifting weights or through exercises that use your body weight. The option of purchasing more attachments allows this model to remain new and challenging. Sturdy and well-built this cage is a great addition to any home gym.

Cons: With a weight capacity of only five hundred pounds this rack doesn’t provide a workout that’s challenging enough for serious weight lifters.

Conclusion and Rating for the Power Rack by Valor

Consumers gave this a model four and a half stars out of five stars for quality, free included lat attachment, sturdiness, and overall design. This power rack would’ve received a perfect score if not for the disappointing weight capacity. Overall, it’s a quality rack for individuals who want to get fit.

Valor Athletics Power Rack Review
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