5 intense core workouts to try
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5 intense core workouts to try

Looking for a great core workout? Here’s a circuit that requires little equipment and can be done anywhere from the beach to your living room floor.Each move should be performed three time at 30 seconds each to create a total body workout that lasts ten minutes. All you need is a soccer ball or similar type of ball.


Shoulder/Knee/Hip Move
A difficult move, but well worth it! To begin, get into a basic plank position. Perform this move with your right leg first and then change to left. Move to a push-up position. Upon lifting up, move your right knee in towards your chest. Extend your right leg out behind you. Move your right knee in again and allow it to across your body. Move back and extend your leg back once again. Move your knee out to the side while performing a push up motion.

Now repeat the same cycle of movement on the left side. Alternate for 30 seconds.


One Leg Two Leg V-Ups
To begin, lie on your back and hold the ball in front of you. Extend your legs and arms away from your body with the ball in your hands overhead. Next, move into a V-up position, bringing the ball and your right leg towards you. Move back to your original position. Bring the ball and and your left leg into the same V position. Return down.

Now perform the same move with both legs forming the V at the same time. Repeat the movement from right leg, left leg and both legs for 30 seconds.


Ball Cycles
Position yourself in a V up formation holding the ball out in front of you. Bend the knees slightly. At your own pace, move the ball in a figure-eight pattern over and under your knees.

Keep doing this for 30 seconds.


Windshield Wipers

Start by laying on your back with your legs extended in the air. Hold and squeeze the ball in between your knees and squeeze, feeling it in your thighs. Swing your legs from side to side, but keep your core tight and arms at your side for balance. Don’t twist your body and keep your opposite shoulder on the ground as much as possible.

Do this for 30 seconds at your own pace.


Ball Planks
Begin with the ball under your hand and your body in a in a full plank position.Move the ball in any pattern of your preference between your hands as fast as you can for 30 seconds, making sure to keep your core tight. Do not sway from side to side too much in order to avoid injury.

If you have conquered this core workout, then you would definitely enjoy the 7Min workout or the 7Min alternate workout!

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