Announcing the release of the 7 Min Workout iPhone App!

We have been experiencing amazing success with 5000 people visit our site daily. 50% of people are new, while a whopping 50% are returning users. It means that half of people are coming back to do the workout!

We have received amazing feedback from the community. People love the 7 Minute Scientific Workout, and they have been telling us that they really enjoy using our application to assist them with their workouts.

We developed an iPhone application with the same easy to use interface. Today we are proud to announce that our app is available and you can download it here. It costs $1.99.

Independence Day Workout 7 Min
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Please download the app and please, please review it for us in the Apple App Store. We want to continue keeping you fit (or getting you into shape) and we want to continue innovating around the 7 Minute Scientific Workout.

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10 years ago

Great idea! But why I cannot see the whole workout on this site?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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