Rowing machine comparison - Water rower vs Air Rower
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Rowing machine comparison – Water rower vs Air Rower

It’s well established that Rowing machines are great for aerobic workouts and that they give you a full body workout by working all the main muscle groups. Water rower and air rower are two types of rower machines commonly available.


Water driven rowing machines feature a water tank which provides resistance. As you dynamically change increase the intensity of rowing, machine resistance rises as well. This lets you set your resistance in every motion. Air rowers utilize a flywheel to generate resistance, and also give you full control over your workout intensity because air resistance depends on the intensity of your row.


Rowers are frequently used by those who want to get a total body workout, Rowing is an all-natural movement, and is thus pretty easy for anybody to do with proper form. Also, it is an exercise with low-impact, so the possibility of joint injuries is lower as compared to other machines like treadmills, etc.

Benefits of these Rowi
interval rowing machine workout
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ng machine types.

Water rowers offer an experience closer to real-life rowing, as they emulate actual rowing.
Air rowers, on the
other hand, have a longer primary rail, which is valuable for users who are on the taller side.

Power user’s Notes

Water rowing machines capture the real essence of the sport of rowing. Water rowers feel like a boat gliding through the water.


There is an appreciable difference between the typical price of water and air rowing machines. Water rowers typically cost from around $750 to over $2,100, with most good quality ones surpassing $1,100. Whereas Air rowers range in price from around $400 to $750.

For additional comparison and reviews, check out our detailed comparison page below.

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