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Best Rowing Programs to keep you motivated

If you’re a proud owner of a water rowing machine, then you already know just how much fun it is to work out on a rowing machine. These apps enable you to go even farther with your workout by inspiring you and allowing you to compete with others. Find the one that works for you — all the way from novice rowers through to professional level athletes

So, let’s look at various programs that would revolutionize your rowing machine time.

ErgBuddy by Concept2

(Accessible for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.)

Needless to say only available for Concept2 machine owners. The program itself is free but do check the fine print to get connectivity with your PM (performance monitor) and also applications before buying the needed Wahoo Key to allow it to function together with your iPhone or iPad (approximately $60). It’ll utilize a PM4 however, you might want to download the firmware (complimentary) in Concept2 if yours is a version made before December 2012.
The main advantage of the program is it’s great when you row at a dimly lit area, or in the case of visually-impaired, a sizable iPad display is far simpler to read. Voice-over attribute is also accessible and provides an audio recording of your workout information.


An indoor rowing program that connects via Bluetooth to some Concept2 PM5 display or, employing a professional cable, to any PM3 or PM4. It connects you with an internet network of additional LiveRowing users via your iPhone and supplies you with a choice of workouts it’s going to program to your Concept2 right for you personally. When you’ve linked, you can join with friends, other users that you do not understand, or just go solo and also one-up yourself. You will no longer be isolated and lonely with only your PM5 screen to stare at as you crank the strokes out. The program matches you up with a user/competitor that is near your ability so that you are not blown out of the water, so to speak. It may be used with rowers in the very casual gym-goer into the elite domestic squads. http://www.liverowing.com/


British Rowing has published RowActiv which contains audio training sessions. This is a fantastic idea for house training since just like a fitness course, you receive the instruction immediately and every semester is aligned with your particular fitness objectives.

Concept 2 Venue Race Application

Venue Race Application is software that facilitates real-time indoor rushing over any time or distance using a couple of rowing machines that are linked with USB hubs and wires.
This free downloadable software is simple to use and is very good for setting both fun and competitive struggles with friends or one among teams.

Ergo Calculator

It helps compute targets for your own training. Enter two values in the Distance, Time, or typical Split and you are able to take advantage of this program to compute the third. It is going to automatically compute your weight-adjusted scores along with your predicted score with Paul’s Law dependent on the Concept2 recommended adjustment formulation. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thomasWilliams.ErgoCalculator

RP3 Rowing program

It has been updated to incorporate the option to show a template ‘ideal’ curve from the background whilst rowing – supplying tutors with a push curve to reproduce. You cannot upload a curve to the Android-only program, only correct a pre-installed parabola with duration, peak force stage, and stature.


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