Natural Looking Breast Implants: No one will be able to tell the difference

Women who consider having a breast augmentation do so because they’re unhappy with the way their breasts look. However, many women who want larger breasts and who hesitate to have this type of surgery do so because they’re worried about how their breasts will look and feel after the procedure. It is possible to have natural looking breast implants, depending on the type of implants you choose and how they’re placed.

How Natural Looking Breast Implants are placed

All types of breast augmentation procedures will involve the careful placement of a tiny incision which is where the breast pocket will be created. This incision can be made in three possible places: the areola, breast fold or the armpit.

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One of the best advantages about choosing natural looking breast implants over the fake look is that no one will ever know you’ve had the surgery. Many women are surprised to learn that some patients request the fake breast implant look. With the natural breast augmentation procedure, the scars will be completely concealed. The characteristics of a natural looking breast augmentation include: most of the volume of the breast is located in the lower half of a breast, the breast features a gentle slope, the nipple is placed on the most projected portion of the breast and the breast sits about mid-level of the arm. The nipple will be placed above the breast fold.

For the natural look, the implants will be placed under the chest muscle, using a moderate sized implant. The breasts may sit higher initially, after a surgery, but with consistent manipulation and massage of the breasts, they will descend into a more natural position, after just twelve weeks.

Fake Looking Breast Implants

Fake looking breast implants are completely inspired by Hollywood and the celebrities with very obvious looking breast implants. Because of the media attention this type of breast implant tends to get, most women have automatically disregarded the option of breast augmentation because they don’t want the world to know they’ve gone under the knife. The characteristics of fake looking breast implants include a wide space between the breasts, breasts that are positioned very high up on the chest, prominent round cleavage that gives the appearance of the push-up bra effect and breasts that appear too large in proportion to the rest of a woman’s body. Some fake looking breast implants also clearly display the contouring around the edge of an implant. To achieve the fake look, doctors will place the implants over the chest muscle, using saline implants filled to the maximum capacity and using a size that’s considerably larger than what can be deemed as natural. The fake looking implants will have pretty much the same appearance as the day of the surgery and will not gradually descend like the natural looking implants will.

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