What to Expect from Natural Breast Augmentation

At one time or another, you may have considered breast augmentation. If you’ve done a little research then you may have come across the natural breast augmentation procedure, also referred to as fat transfer surgery. Candidates for natural breast augmentation include patients who would like to go up one cup size, but do not want breast implants, and those who are undergoing reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer.

Who Qualifies for Natural Breast Augmentation?

The benefits of a natural breast augmentation include fewer incisions, the ability to sculpt and shape the breasts, minimal scarring and no risk of capsular contracture. If you want to improve the appearance of your breasts while also losing unwanted body fat from the lower body in the same procedure, then a natural breast augmentation may be the procedure you’ve been looking for.

This surgery is ideal for any woman who wants to increase their breast size but does not want to use silicone or saline implants. It’s necessary for a woman to be in good health and have enough body fat available for this procedure. It’s also important to have realistic expectations regarding the results of natural breast augmentation.

Many women will turn to a natural breast augmentation procedure after they have achieved unsatisfactory results from a breast implant procedure. It’s also a very effective option for women with breast cancer who have had a mastectomy. Natural breast augmentation has been used for several years to reconstruct removed breasts.

A natural breast augmentation involves two surgical procedures, which will be performed on the same day. The fat used for the breast augmentation will be harvested from another area of your body, usually from the thighs, butt or waist.

After the fat is collected is will be washed and processed in order to separate the healthy tissue from contaminants and fluid waste. Once the fat has been processed, clean fat will be transferred into a syringe and injected where volume in the breast is needed.

The entire procedure will take five to six hours to perform. A patient will be able to return to work and other types of light activities after just seven days. In certain cases, one to four fat transfer procedures will be needed in order to achieve the ideal results. At times, the injected fat can be absorbed by the body, requiring additional sessions.

A natural breast augmentation is a practical alternative for women who desire larger, sculpted breasts, without the use of saline or silicone implants. The process of transferring fat is widely used in breast reconstruction surgery after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It can also be effective in correcting the shape, firmness or size of breasts, due to genetic issues such as Poland syndrome or tuberous breasts.

Women with Poland syndrome have a disorder in which affected women are born with abnormal or missing muscles on one side of the chest wall.  In most women, the missing muscle is the large section that usually attaches to the upper arm on one side of the breastbone.

Tuberous breasts is a condition that’s caused by a lack of development in the breast tissue when a women is going through puberty. This condition can cause breasts that grow asymmetrically or the breasts are very droopy and typically far apart from each other. The name of this condition is based on the appearance of the breast, which is very tube-like. This condition can affect one or both breasts and is only a cosmetic issue.

Typical Results for the Breast Fat Transferring Procedure

Most patients will retain approximately sixty to eighty percent of the fat that’s transferred into the breast. The fat in the breasts that does take will be permanent. During the procedure no incisions are made to the breast. Instead, with the use of a needle, small ports are made and will heal with little to no scarring. A patient will also benefit from a slimmer more streamlined area of their body where the fat has been harvested. At the site of the fat harvest, two small incisions will be made, but these incisions are well hidden and not usually longer than three or four millimeters.

Expected Recovery time after the Fat Transferring Procedure

After the surgery, a patient can expect mild to moderate bruising and swelling on both the breasts and in the area from which fat has been harvested.  You will need to wear a prescribed compression garment over the area where the fat was harvested, in order to minimize swelling.

The fat that’s transferred into the breasts consists of living cells, so you’ll need to avoid wearing a bra or other type of garment that can compress the breasts for a period of two weeks.  Doing so will allow the new cells to become integrated into existing breast tissue. You will also need to avoid sleeping on your stomach or any type of activity that puts pressure on the breasts.

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rachel frampton
rachel frampton
4 years ago

I want to have breast augmentation because I have always been insecure about my small cup size. I never knew that it involves two surgical… Read more »

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