Cayenne pepper substitutes for master cleanse diet.
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Master Cleanse Diet: Cayenne Pepper Alternatives

The Cayenne Pepper ingredient of the Lemonade diet is an important part of the cleansing process. It is as significant as the lemon in the lemon juice concoction so makes sure that you want to substitute the cayenne pepper in your lemonade. You have to fully understand the importance of the cayenne pepper in this diet before deciding on an Cayenne Pepper alternative.

Why Include Cayenne Pepper in the Lemonade?

The Master Cleanse uses cayenne pepper for the reason that it has qualities that can stir up the toxicity in the body. Cayenne pepper is considered as a super herb, super food, and some also call it the master herb.

Reasons Why Some People Want to Replace Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper Alternative
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1. Allergy to Cayenne Pepper

Allergies are simply toxicity that builds up for a long time, and the Master Cleanse is a great way of disposing of these toxic wastes, thus addressing your allergies. If you find yourself experiencing an adverse reaction towards eating lemons or cayenne pepper or both which, leads you to assume that you are somewhat allergic to them, is maybe just your body trying to eliminate the toxins inside of you while at the same time digesting the food that you ingested. Many individuals stated that their citrus or cayenne allergies did cause an issue while undergoing the Master Cleanse diet and that their allergies are gone after a cleansing or two.

  1. Can’t handle the taste or it’s too spicy

You can always take cayenne pepper in capsule form if your only problem is its taste. You can fill a capsule with cayenne pepper and then ingest it. You won’t taste it at all.

Suggested Solution for Cayenne Pepper Replacement

We are not recommending cayenne pepper substitution. But if it really can’t be helped, here is the list of collated solution in the community to address the possible replacement for cayenne pepper.

  1. Take Cayenne in capsule form. You can just buy cayenne pepper capsules as it is already available on the market today or you can make your own. Just fill in an empty capsule with cayenne pepper, and you are already on your way to having cayenne without tasting it.
  1. You can opt not to include Cayenne in the diet. However, don’t expect the exact result as those who added cayenne in their lemonade concoction since you are already customized your cleansing to your preference.

Ideas on How to make it Easy for you to Take Cayenne Pepper

  • Add Cayenne at the right moment; ideally, just before drinking the lemonade. Preferably, your lemonade should be made fresh by the glass. After squeezing your lemons, adding the maple syrup, and water quickly mixes in the cayenne pepper and drink it immediately.
  • Do not allow the Cayenne to Steep. This is true if you make your lemonade concoction ahead of time. This will result in making the drink spicier since it was left to steep for long hours.
  • Take note of the Scoville. The spiciness of the cayenne pepper is measured in a unit called Scoville, which range from 40,000 to 100,000 IU’s. You do not need to get the hottest cayenne available. You might try choosing the 40,000 IU in your lemonade if you are just a beginner. You can shift to a spicier unit as you get used to it. It is usually at 40,000 IU if the package of the cayenne does not include a unit measure.
  • Immediately rinse your mouth. Have an eight ounce of water on standby before drinking your lemonade. Just after ingesting the lemonade, quickly drink 80% of the water. Use the remaining 20% of water to gargle and clean your taste buds. It will help eliminate the taste of cayenne instantly.
  • Chug it. If you do not like the taste of the lemonade, it is best to gulp it than sip it. The longer it takes to ingest it, the more you will taste it.

Possible Replacements for Cayenne Pepper

Just as you can easily substitute other citrus fruits for lemon juice, you can also replace cayenne pepper with other super herbs which have their beneficial properties in cleansing and detoxifying.

Listed below are super herbs you can use as replacement for cayenne pepper:

  • Turmeric

  • Paprika

  • Curcumin

  • Ginger

    – zerumbone

  • Dandelion

    – it can also increase bile production to help break down fats and eliminate cholesterol from the body

  • Oregano

    – ursolic acid

  • Peppermint

    – It also prevents blockage in the gallbladder and kidney. It also calms the stomach for healthy digestion.

  • Cilantro

    – assist the body in getting rid of toxic metal build up in your organ tissues.

  • Onions

    – quercetin

  • Kokum

    – garcinol

  • Elderberry

    – Also helps to get rid of mucus.

We are not encouraging you to replace cayenne pepper in the diet. However, we just provided you with alternatives and expanded your understanding of how the maple syrup, lemon, and cayenne works as an optimal detox diet. If customization of the lemonade drink is inevitable, you should start small and focused on why it is being done. Replacing cayenne with turmeric is a method worth trying. Consequently, you can change the component of the lemonade concoction to address and treat several diseases and conditions focusing on functional medicine.

Cayenne Peppers’ Health Benefits

  1. Anti-Flu and Cold Agent

Cayenne pepper helps in the breakdown and movement of congested mucous. Once the mucus is discharged by the body, you will be relieved from the flu symptoms as follows.

  1. Anti-Irritant Characteristics

Cayenne can relieve ulcers, sore throats, diarrhea, spasmodic and irritating coughs, and upset stomach.

  1. Prevention of Migraine Headache

This has something to do with the pepper’s capability to rouse pain response into another area of the body hence reverting the brain’s focus to the new field. After the initial pain response, the nerve fibers will have a diminished substance P (the nerve’s pain chemical), and the awareness of the pain is minimized.

  1. Anti-Fungal

Some studies show that cayenne pepper is effective in preventing the accumulation of fungal pathogens like collectotrichum and phomopsis.

  1. Helps in Digestion

Cayenne is a traditional digestive assistant. It increases the flow of enzyme, arouses the gastrointestinal tract, and boosts the production of gastric juices. It helps the body to metabolize toxins and food. It also aids in easing up intestinal gas. It rouses intestinal peristaltic motion, which assists in both elimination and assimilation.

  1. Anti-Allergen

Cayenne pepper can help provide relief from allergies and is also an anti-agent.

  1. Helps in Saliva Production

Cayenne boosts saliva’s production which is an important part in proper food digestion and sustaining a good oral health.

  1. Anti-Redness

This pepper has properties that make it an excellent herb for some degenerative and chronic condition.

  1. Support Detoxification

Cayenne is popular as a circulatory stimulus. It boosts the pulse of our digestive and lymphatic rhythms. The natural procedure of detoxification is achieved by increasing the temperature of the body. It also instigates us to sweat which is another stage of detox. If combined with honey and lemon juice, cayenne tea would be the perfect morning drink for a complete body detoxification.

  1. Beneficial for Blood Clots

Cayenne can also help reduce the possibilities of a heart attack or stroke because it helps in the reduction of atherosclerosis, prevents elements that could lead to the development of blood clots, and promote fibrinolytic activity.

  1. Anti-Bacterial

Cayenne is one of the best preservatives and is traditionally used to avoid food contamination from bacteria.

  1. Relieves Joint Pains

Cayenne has a high content of capsaicin. It causes temporary pain on the skin surface, which directs chemical messenger from the skin to the joints thus offering joint pain relief.

  1. Assist in Weight Loss

Scientists at Laval University in Quebec performed a study and discovered that those people who had cayenne pepper during breakfast have less appetite which led to less caloric consumption the entire day. Cayenne is also a perfect metabolic booster which helps burns the excess fats from the body.

  1. Possible Anti-Cancer Agent

Studies performed at the Loma Linda University in California discovered that cayenne pepper might contribute to the prevention of lung cancer in smokers. It was related to cayenne’s high amount of capsaicin which might stop the development of lung tumors caused by tobacco. Other studies also show a related effect in cayenne’s resistance to liver tumors.

  1. Toothache Remedy

Cayenne is a perfect help against gum and tooth diseases.

  1. Topical Therapy

Cayenne pepper has been utilized to treat rheumatism, wounds, sores, lumbago, and snake bites as a poultice.

  1. Support a Healthy Heart

Cayenne can keep the blood pressure level under control. It also helps balances the triglycerides and LDL cholesterol of the body.

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Master Cleanse Diet: Cayenne Pepper Alternatives
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