Ginger, Apple and Cucumber Fusion Fruit Infused Water Recipe
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Ginger, Apple and Cucumber Fusion Fruit Infused Detox Water Recipe

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If you want to have a healthy and enjoyable drink, then this Ginger, Apple, and Cucumber Infused water recipe is what you need! This drink will not only boost your metabolism and keep you hydrated, but it will also improve your endurance and help you lose weight.

Ginger can help you boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels so that you can keep on going much longer. Meanwhile, apples could help you feel fuller for a longer period and is also a great aid when it comes to losing weight. Moreover, cucumbers can help you flush out toxins in your body and keep you hydrated.

If you want to try this drink, check out the recipe below!


1 small piece of ginger – sliced.
4 slices of Cucumber
4-6 slices of Apple


  1. Mix the three ingredients together.
  2. Place the ingredients into a container bottle.
  3. Add water into the container bottle.
  4. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Hope you enjoyed this. Please follow this link for more functional yet easy to make detox water Master Cleanse recipes. 


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