Latest update of 7-Min iPhone/iPad App with Apple TV Support!

We are excited to announce the latest release of the 7-Min Workout iPhone/iPad App.

The 7-Min Workout App now has voice commands, letting you know what the next workout is without having to look at the screen. We also added functionality allowing users to customize their workout by changing the length of the workout, the length of the resting period, and how many sets of the workout they want to do. This means that people can now do the 7-Min Workout two and three times in a row. We are also allowing users to share their workouts on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing will help to motivate you to continue doing the workout. Research shows that if people share their goals with their friends, they are more likely to stick to them and attain those goals.

Lastly, we implemented Apple Airplay functionality! This allows you to do the 7-Min Workout on our Apple TV using our app. People told us that they are doing the workout with their children and that the iPhone screen is so small that everyone can’t see what workout to do. Please note that only the 7-Minute Workout works on the Apple TV. At the moment, we don’t have functionality for users to change the parameters of the workout.

The updates, in short:

  • Voice Commands
  • Modify workout parameters (rest, workout, and sets)
  • Twitter and Facebook Sharing
  • Apple TV integration

You can get the latest update here. Please feel free to provide us with feedback at any time. We love hearing from people.

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