7 Min iPhone and iPad Update 4
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7 Min iPhone and iPad Update

We have had loads of request to make the 7-min iPhone App iPad Compatible. We listened to our users and we are proud to announce the lastest version of our iPhone and iPad App just went live in the App Store. The app works in both portait and landscape mode on the iPad. The app can be downloaded here through this link.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to give you a two week update. We are have been blown about by the positive feedback we are getting from people. They are loving The 7 Minute Workout and they like using our app to time their workouts.

Below is a graph showing people that opened the application, versus people that started and ended the exercise. The number of people that open the app versus the number that actually finish the 7 Minutes has some expected disparity to it. We are also really excited about the bigger than expected number of people that are doing the exercise routine one more time.


The pie chart below shows the amount of people that are retuning to the free Web based version of The 7 Minute Scientific Workout Timer website. Over 40% of visitors are coming back to do the workout. People we have been talking to tell us that they try and do the workout daily and if they can’t do it daily, they do it at least 3 times per week.


We are really excited about all of this positive feedback. We have really exciting plans for the site and the iPhone Applications moving forward and we would love to hear your feedback!

7 Min iPhone and iPad Update 4
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