What to eat when on a lemon master cleanse diet


Lemonade detox water dietWhen thinking about losing weight, we all know that we need to eat nutritious diet and do regular exercise. A good way to kick start your weight loss is to go for lemonade diet master cleanse. This means only consuming liquids for a specific period of time. An all-liquid diet helps helps by giving our digestive system a break from consuming and processing all the solid foods. It also helps body to get rid of toxins and excessive fat.

So when starting your lemonade diet master cleanse, you might be wondering What to eat when on a lemon master cleanse diet.This gets a little too confusing since basic recommendation of lemonade diet is that you should not be eating solid foods at all. Trust us, we understand your dilemma- we have been there too 🙂

What to eat during a water detox

 Foods which can be included in your lemonade cleanse :


Fruits and Fruit juices

There is no better alternative for getting all essential vitamins and minerals than fruits. Fresh fruit juices are best to support the stomach and health as they fill the stomach and provide a feeling of satisfaction. Two to three glasses of fresh fruit juice during the day is an option. Also note that citrus fruits are best to use for this purpose.

Luke warm water

Luke warm water is very helpful for health during the lemon detox diet. One or two glasses of water in early morning helps to maintain the weight and also helps to increase the effectiveness of the lemon detox diet.

Vegetable soup

Stick to fresh, low calories and low sodium kind. You can use fresh or frozen vegetables to make it. For fast, easy and health home made soup, you can use this product along with fresh or frozen vegetables.

Home made chicken soup is also a good option during this detox diet.

Green tea

Green tea helps you during detox diet by providing important flavonoids and antioxidants and enhances the effects of detox diet. .

Steamed vegetables

One can also eat steamed vegetable preferably with no salt added. Stick to organic when possible.

Laxative tea

Laxative herbal tea is also good to take during detox diet. It is best to have this tea at night because during sleep, it helps remove fat from the body  and helps cleanse the body. It also helps by removing free radicals from the body.


Foods which should not be included in your lemonade master cleanse:

Almost anything- apart from recommendations above are to be avoided- but items in list below should be strongly avoided using this detox program.

  • All forms of eggs and dairy
  • All forms of mayonnaise and butter
  • Corn or creamed vegetables
  • Animal protein such as beef, pork, canned meats, cold cuts
  • Peanut and peanut butter
  • Caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and soft drinks.


Wishing you success in your journey to good health, Please share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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