SKG New Generation Wide Chute Juicer Review

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If you’re looking for the most stylish of all masticating juicers – your prayers have been answered. The SKG broad chute juicer is a 240W power machine that’s designed with a glossy piano paint job as well as extremely modern components to provide your kitchen the refined touch it craves.

The SKG’s New Generation Broad chute presents a fantastic three-inch broad chute feed which provides you with a larger opening to fit smaller sections or larger chunks of food all at the same time. The speed is constant at 60 RPM which usually is slower than masticating juicers that are typical, yet, this gives additional time to completely express the juice from your foods- you could be certain not one drop will go to waste! The slow speed also minimizes oxidation, which keeps the nutrients in your juice.

SKG New Generation Wide Chute Juicer – Pros and Cons

Great clog free design
There are a significant few facets of the juicer that we adore. Primarily, it’s incredible resistance to clogging. It has a large mouth chute so it is simpler to wash, simpler to juice.

Prevents oxidation of juice.
When there’s minimal oxidation the juice is a lot more nutritious, it tastes fresher and better and survives a substantially longer than an average juice pressed by a juicer that is heated. This wide chute results in much less clogging. If ever you do see your juicer has clogged, you can press the REV (reverse rotation) button for few seconds and it unclogs.

In addition, it includes a sealed juicing space that’s drip free, this keeps all health benefits that are important in, until you’re prepared to drink them up.

Easy Preparation
It saves us time on the prepping side as the larger chute provides a bigger feeding opening.

Higher juice yield
You can anticipate a high juice yield

Orange 85-90%
Pear 78, 83%
Apple 65-75%
Celery 65-75%
Carrot 42 -47%.

It can even make tofu and sorbet.

Great Warranty
The guarantee is excellent on the Brand New Generation Wide Chute Juicer as it offers five years on all parts and ten years guarantee on primary body and the motor.


Large Size
The size of the juicer isn’t made for a one person family, unless you’re a hardcore juicer. It’s perfect for a large family who’s looking to shift into or keep a wholesome juicing lifestyle.

Noise Level – This machine is little on the noisy side for our taste.


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SKG New Generation Wide Chute Juicer Review
  • SKG New Generation Wide Chute Juicer Review
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