Rogue R-6 Power Rack Review
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Rogue R-6 Power Rack Review

R6 power rack
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Choose Rogue R-6 power rack only if you want one of the best personal gym power racks for powerlifters, especially if you are serious about strength building.
It is manufactured by Rogue Fitness, an American company with a good reputation and years of experience building superior power racks


Being the official equipment provider for Cross fit Games, Rogue Fitness is one of the leading providers of American made strength and conditioning equipment.

Rogue R-6 is built to keep you safe even while working with super heavyweights, be it an athlete training for a competition or just anybody who has enough experience and wants to move on to a higher level.

Rogue R-6 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specifications

As all power racks, Rogue R-6 is your best partner in working out alone. Weight training usually requires a spotter as safeguards but with power racks, you will always have a failsafe. You might think that lifting weight within your capacity will lessen if not prevent weight lifting accidents but you couldn’t be more wrong. You will realize this as you push yourself to a near exhaustion with all your muscles cramping, that it’s better safe than sorry. Also, you will only reach a higher level in working out by setting up higher goals.  You can only push yourself so much if you are confident that you are safe and no accident is going to happen. Here is where a power rack comes in.

A power rack has a safety feature called safety catches, which prevents the weight from going beyond a certain point. This is a great aid to you if you lose control of the bar or fails at the bottom of the rep hence allowing you to do safe and efficient light to heavyweight barbell exercises.

It is entirely customizable with the help of sets of pins that can be adjusted to your height, preferences, or exercises you may want to perform.

Rogue R-6 has everything you will ever need apart from what is mentioned above.

It has

2x double plate storage,
4x single plate storage, along with a monkey chin-up bar,
Fat and  skinny pull-up bar, and
6 band pegs;

You can totally perform all types of workout possible with this power rack. It doesn’t need to be bolted down since it weighs a remarkable 300 pounds guaranteeing its security. Built to push you to the limits, it is a power rack you will never need to replace as it will never break or be outdated.

Gear Specs

Brand:                               Rogue Fitness
Product Weight:                300 lbs.
Length:                              81.”
Width:                                52”
Height:                               90.”
Footprint:                           81” deep x 52” wide
Steel Notes:                        2 x 3 – 11 Gauge Steel
Made in the USA:               Yes


Rogue R-6 Power Rack Pros and Cons


  • Great investment. That one power rack in your garage gym you will never need to replace.
  • The Westside hole spacing is not available in other power rack models added a great touch to an already amazing piece of equipment.
  • You don’t need to bolt it down since it’s guaranteed to be a solid and strong power rack.


  • The rogue R-6 power rack is costly. Quality top-grade products don’t come cheap and like most power racks, you still need to consider the cost of additional equipment to be added in your power rack like weights, plates, bench, etc.
  • Not recommended for novices or beginners


Points to consider when ordering

  • When you buy this power rack, you will have the option to include Rogue Fitness’ bench. It is suggested to include this in your purchase as these benches have excellent high quality unless you already have one at home.
  • Although it comes with an easy guide instruction booklet, The Rogue R-6 cannot be assembled alone. You need at least two people to assemble it correctly.  With two people manning the assembly, you can finish the whole power rack in less than an hour.

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