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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

The design and technology used in rowing machines have improved over the past several years, giving gym rats a new and exciting way to get fit.  This type of workout offers pretty impressive results in the form of sixty-minute sessions that are designed to mimic the benefits of water-based rowing. Each workout is intense, working the core and upper and lower body while increasing endurance and focusing on a number of muscle groups. This type of tough training has gained popularity over the years and can really add much-needed variety to your fitness regimen.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review
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  • Ease of Assembly - 10/10
  • Noise Level - 10/10

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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Specs and Features

The Club rowing machine by WaterRower provides a realistic smooth rowing experience and is designed for commercial use in rehab clinics and gyms. The rower uses a suspended paddle in a water tank to provide a water resistance rowing experience. When the machine’s handle is pulled it causes the paddle in the water tank to spin. The type of resistance you’ll get as you row will depend on how hard and fast you’re rowing.

Water resistance is a lot like air resistance, except it’s a quieter smoother experience that uses water instead of air. The more water that’s added to the tank the more difficult rowing will be. If water is removed from the tank, rowing will feel lighter.  The water tank is made out of highly durable polycarbonate plastic. To keep the water looking clear and mold-free, add some of the included chlorine tablets one to two times a month.

The large S4 monitor will keep track of the intensity of your workout, heart rate, stroke rate, distance covered and duration. The monitor also separates all the info into separate windows that can be viewed all at the same time.

The intensity window displays your rowing speed and calories burned per hour. The stroke rate feature displays the number of strokes per minute. The heart rate feature only works if used in conjunction with heart rate monitoring equipment such as the cardio sport digital monitor which plugs right into the monitor and displays beats per minute. The target zone feature displays readings for stroke rate and intensity.  The duration window displays the time rowed in seconds, minutes and hours while the distance feature displays the time remaining in your workout. The program window helps to guide you through the user’s menu and advanced features.

On the monitor, you’ll find a total of nine buttons. Six buttons are dedicated to quick select and the remaining three buttons are for navigation. Powered by four AA batteries that are included, the monitor isn’t backlit so you may need to turn on a light while working out to get a clear view of the screen. The monitor can be linked to your PC or laptop via USB cable, which is not included. Connect your laptop to the monitor and to upload your fitness data or use it with fitness software programs for racing or training. Compatible programs include Rowyo and NetAthlon.

The Club rowing machine is a commercial-grade model that’s built to handle tough workouts and user mishandling. The handcrafted solid ash frame is stained and hand finished with a light layer of Danish oil for shine and a coating of urethane for protection. Both large black rails run the length of the machine and are designed to prevent scuffing. Most consumers were surprised at how sturdy and durable this rower is.

The machine’s design is meant to absorb vibration and sound for a quieter rowing experience. This is a huge selling point for some consumers.

Ergonomically designed, the padded seat is comfortable and more stable than some lower priced rowing machines, thanks to eight bearings located under the seat.

The rower’s oblong shaped handle is covered in a soft material that’s designed to improve grip.

On the floorboards, you’ll find heel rests that are highly adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes. To secure the rower’s feet, you’ll find a couple of nylon straps. The Club doesn’t include pivoting footrests, however, the feet are able to move naturally while you row.

The biggest selling point for this rower is the fluid rowing motion. The machine’s seat smoothly glides up and down the large dual rails and the sprag clutch prevents the seat from jerking when the handle is pulled. The soothing sound of water splashing in the tank only adds to the realistic rowing experience.

Easy to store, it takes up approximately one foot of space, just set the machine on its base to stand it up. Weighing in at around eighty-two pounds this machine is somewhat heavy, but because of the innovative design it doesn’t take much power or effort to stand it up to store. The dual-caster wheels also make storing or transporting the machine easy.

Consumer Feedback for the Club Rowing Machine

Maximum weight capacity of this rower is an impressive thousand pounds. The long seat track is designed to accommodate taller users, up to six feet, five inches in height.

Pros: A well-built machine this monster of a rower is designed for commercial use but can also make a great addition to your home gym. Equipped with extensive features that allow you to closely monitor your progress as you work out, this rower truly sets you up for a challenging and fun workout regimen.

Cons: The size of the machine makes it cumbersome to transport while the bulkiness of the rower requires some serious space in the home in order to use it correctly. If you’re short on space, then this model may not be for you.

Conclusion and Rating for this Rower by WaterRower

Consumers gave this rower a rating of five out of five stars, which makes the Club our top-rated model. Packed with a ton of must-have features you can keep an eye on your progress and stay motivated until the final minutes of your workout. Not ideal for smaller homes, this commercial grade rower is a steal for the price but not the best choice for apartments or smaller dwellings. Consumers loved the variety of features that allowed them to perfect and monitor their workout while the machine itself provided a smooth, fluid and peaceful rowing experience that you just can’t get at the gym. Currently, you can find this machine on Amazon for an approximate price of $1,1xx.

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