Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup
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Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup – Are they really different?

Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup

Maple syrup is popularly known as everybody’s favorite topping for their pancakes and waffles. After all, breakfast just does not seem complete without maple syrup. While majority of people around the world have heard about maple syrup, very few people know that there exists different grades of maple syrup. And for long, there has been a feud going on between Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup. The biggest source of confusion has come from the fact that there is no quality difference between Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup. Syrup has long been labelled according to its color.


More commonly, there are two types of maple syrups to choose from – Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup. Grade A is considered to be the most popular, with a light maple flavor and a relatively thin consistency. It is a good choice for pancakes, and also makes for a great topping when it comes to desserts and other foods. Grade A is usually made from the maple sap which has been collected at the beginning of the mapling season.


On the other hand, Grade B maple syrup is much darker and also has a stronger flavor. It is also a bit thicker, favoring more towards the consistency of pancake syrup as opposed to the runny consistency found in Grade A syrup. Grade B is often recommended for baking because the stronger flavors come through more readily. However, it can also be a better choice for pancakes and waffles. It all comes down to personal preferences where the taste and consistency of maple syrups are concerned. Grade B maple syrup has a strong and gritty flavor. This is because it has been collected towards the end of the mapling season.

Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup  – But what about Grade C ?

While Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup is busy hogging all the limelight, many people forget that there exists a Grade C of maple syrup as well. But in reality, Grade C has now been converted into Grade B maple syrup. So, in other words, Grade B and Grade C maple syrups are now the same thing.


Why Grade B maple syrup is better than Grade A

  • Grade B maple syrup is the most minimally processed syrup. This makes it more nutritious.
  • It contains trace minerals which have been brought up from deep below the soil which is rich in minerals.
  • Maple syrup contains manganese which aids antioxidant and enzyme absorption, and also increases your energy levels.
  • It also contains zinc which boosts the immune system.
  • Calcium helps in strengthening teeth and bones and increasing metabolism
  • Grade B is considered to be better than Grade A as it can be stored in room temperature.

Remembering all these grades of maple syrups must be a tough thing, no? The experts have also recognized our plea. They are now making changes in the grading system. Under the new and modern grading system, Grade B will also be admonished. Instead, it will create four new classifications under Grade A. This is being done so that it will be easier to market maple syrups both nationally and internationally.

Now that we understand the differences and benefits of different grades of Maple syrup, hope you will use this useful to start your lemon water cleanse  diet

Grade A versus Grade B maple syrup
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5 years ago

So, if the lemon maple syrup diet calls for Grade B, is it ok to still use Grade A?

5 years ago
Reply to  Mohinder

I wanted to know that to,I don’t know anywhere that sells grade B I think this detox is going to be quite expensive I just… Read more »

Wilbur Wright
Wilbur Wright
5 years ago

I have found the “new” system to be confusing. As it says in the blog, the producers are changing because “This is being done so… Read more »

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