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LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Review

The LifeCore R100 rowing machine is developed both for commercial use as well as home use. The rower’s high quality and commercial grade make it one of the best machines in its field.

The best feature is its system of resistance that is a combination of magnetic resistance and fan resistance. This system makes you do a cardio workout in a controlled way with its smoothness and quietness.

Not only this, the LC R100 has a high-quality display screen that is really good for controlling the levels of resistance and plans for the workout. Also, it provides a lot of information that helps in tracking the performance such as a chest strap that monitors your heart rate. These characteristics along with a really solid built and lifetime guarantee give you a rowing experience that matches the one when done with the Concept2 Model D (the most popular one).

Exceptional Resistance System

LifeCore R100 is the only machine that offers both magnetic and fan resistance. While air pulling, fan resistance provides easy rowing, but at a high level of intensity, it creates some noise. In addition to this, with the air only resistance, it becomes difficult for the machine to go for the strokes at a higher velocity. This is the point where the magnetic system comes into play that comes in virtually instantly. Till level 1, the resistance is created by the fan and magnetic resistance takes over at level 2 and above. The breaking system of magnetic resistance supplies a well-managed intensity whereas the resistance by a fan proceeds to offer an overall silent and smooth rowing activity. Quite smart.


R100 also tries to keep you cool with an inbuilt cooling mechanism which throws air towards the user from the vents (like one in a car) provided. You can open or close the vents to get a human workout powered cooling air during your fitness regimen.

Now let us put a glance on the display screen. An appealing and double-colored, LCD has a backlight (a rare attribute in rowing machines), making seeing your fitness information simple even in a dark room.

The display screen can be operated by a battery (4x”C” batteries) as well as with an AC adapter included in the package. The screen is fixed on an adjustable arm in such a way that one can easily move it to get a good glance on display. Also, it is flexible for the users of any height.


The rower even has a choice to select the resistance from 16 levels and 11 plans that are pre-programmed for a quick start. An attraction of this machine is its heart rate tracking feature that allows you to set the desired heart rate and the machine will increase and decrease the resistance automatically to keep the heart rate at your desired pace.


Technical Information:


Height: 36”

Width: 19”

Length: 92”

Weight: 96 pounds

Folded Dimensions:

Height: 67”

Width: 19”

Length: 52”


Both fan resistance and magnetic resistance

The levels of resistance controlled by the display screen

The aluminum railing is smooth

Steel fan flywheel

Independent heel supports

Ergonomic handle for rowing

Wheels for easy transportation

User with weight of up to 600 pounds can row


Display Features:

15 Preset Plans:

Number of burned calories

Meters rowed

Total Strokes

Total time rowed

Time split at 500m


Pulse rate

Heart rate control programs – 4

Customizable programs – 4

Watts control

Interval distance

Race against the display

Ramp and

User manual



This machine has a frame lock release mechanism below the frame using which the user can easily fold the rower up. Simply unlock the frame, fold up the rail, beam and seat segment and transfer the LifeCore R200 rowing machine with the help of connected conveyance roller wheels. When folded, it becomes half of its length, or you can say to 52” long.


Guarantee for home use (*commercial use guarantee varies):

Lifetime guarantee for frame

1 year guarantee on labor

All the data related to fitness could be viewed on the main display.

Why we love LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine?

This is practically a rowing machine that is one of its kind. If you are putting your money on something that is smooth, silent, challenging, provides you with all the information you’d need and has an unbeatable guarantee, then this is it.

Fan and Magnetic Mix Resistance = Great Work Out

You can call it a smart brained combo that in combination with the nylon strap provides the user with the best experience he/she will ever get with the rowing.

There is one thing we forgot to mention before is that you will get a fantastic work out with this particular resistance system. This combo of resistance keeps the resistance restrained at any given intensity you would like. This is great for handling a high-intensity interval training abbreviated as HIIT session by yourself or in combination using a Crossfit WOD.

Some Important Factors:


Well, are there any negatives of this so perfect looking machine? Of course. The heaviness of this machine makes it difficult to transport, and you may need help while moving up the stairs. That weight is basically the strong construction and firmness, but nevertheless, it ought to be mentioned.

Assembling the machine:

It is very simple to assemble LifeCore R100. You just need to ensure that all the components are fitted correctly and properly. Don’t be scared to contact customer support in the event you run into any problems.

The LifeCore R100 should be on the top of the list while choosing the best rowing machines in this budget. Its closest challengers are the WaterRower and Concept2. Overall, R100 is going to be with you for a very long time, and if in any case, something goes wrong, you have a solid guarantee card and a helpful customer support to solve the problem. A highly recommended product.

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