A woman is testing the Concept2 Model D rowing machine in a living room.
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Detailed review of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The customers of the Concept 2 have proven with their high ratings that it is itself a full package for the rowing needs. It features a performance display Monitor that monitors your pace, strokes/minute, watts, speed, and calories. Additionally, it keeps track of the heart rate so that it does not cross the recommended target. Its computer screen additionally lets you command your fitness regimen by offering five options to display your information. The display options are large print, bar chart, force curve, and everything else related to rowing as individual information.

An excellent feature that you will rarely find in any workout machine is the games feature. You can play games while rowing. It’s a great brain-setter and your thoughts are diverted by it from the routine particularly when you’ve been working out for some time and looking for some other motivation. The display screen of Concept2 Model D includes a LogCard which can be removed. The card is necessary for saving the settings and your fitness data. Since it’s removable, you may also upload the information to your personal computer. Plus, contrary to other machines, you can save the information of five individuals in the LogCard. Not only this, the information can be transferred to the personal computer without removing the LogCard. This can be done with the USB cable provided with the machine with can be connected to the computer to transfer the data.

Concept 2 additionally has caster wheels that make it simple to transport. Apart from this, you can just fold it and place it in any corner of the house. The machine can be divided into two components using a fast-release mechanism. It is a long process if we compare with the other machines. However, it is good as it just occupies a small corner.

This powerful rowing machine even lets you alter the stroke settings. While exercising as aforementioned, you can change the settings without stopping the exercise. Determined by the strength of the setting picked by you, rowing can be done lightly or firmly. This is a significant advantage particularly when you do not feel like working out on an extreme basis.

Before we check out some advantages and disadvantages, let us check out the dimensions. This machine is 96 inches long and 24 inches high, with a seat of 14 inches high. The frame is made up of steel and aluminum. Once it is assembled the space required to place it is just 2 feet by 8 feet. After folding, it just needs an area of 25 inches x 33 inches x 54 inches. Now that you understand the specifications, it is the time to check out the pros and cons to make a final decision:

Pros of Concept2 Model D:

  • Simple to gather
  • Has a set of components that are long-lasting
  • Makes you feel a real rowing motion
  • Has an amazing display screen
  • Tough and long-lasting and is suitable for users up to 500lbs
  • Has a flywheel that is smooth
  • Value for money
  • Could be kept effortlessly
  • Easy to transport
  • Air resistance makes you do uninterrupted workout
  • Good for use at home
  • You can perform workouts that are both extreme and light
  • Has over 500 thumbs up reviews

Cons  of Concept2 Model D

  • Produce some sound due to air resistance
  • The seat could be little more comfortable
  • Workout plans are limited and the resistance does not hold for long

Nevertheless, you always have the option to purchase a seat pad to lessen the buttocks pain. Its footrests are designed in such a way that you can row even if you are barefoot. It’s smooth and sturdy handle is soft on your hands, so no more worrying about the calluses on hands.

This fitness machine is not only for professionals; it is for anybody who is willing to work out with a rowing machine. Because of its flexible settings, it may be utilized by an individual of any age, sex, and size.

This Concept 2 Model D offers a two-year guarantee on the display screen and moving parts. A five-year guarantee is offered on the frame. Additionally, it is available with a user guide as well as Concept2 chain oil.

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