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Argireline Review – An In-Depth look

What is Argireline?

The argireline serum is sometimes called Botox in a bottle and is a favorite ingredient for anti-aging skin products. It functions by reducing muscle motion to avoid wrinkles development. Though it produces a similar effect to Botox, both these products do not work the same way. Despite its high price, it is money well spent. You don’t have to worry about extreme side effects since it’s very minimal — redness and sometimes, skin irritation. Known to provide immediate results, after you start using Argireline, you will certainly be hooked.

Key Benefits of Argireline

It stops the movement of the muscle that contributes to the development of the wrinkle. Argireline often encourages the development of collagen and optimizes the role of collagen, which fights fine lines and increases skin moisture levels.

How to use Argireline solution? 

Argireline is best suitable for concentrated use in areas where you have deep folds or creases that have formed due to repeated muscle movement. Ideal spots are

  • The crinkles under your eyes,
  • The ’11’ between your brows, and
  • Forehead wrinkles.

Since each particular product’s final formulation will differ significantly, follow product guidelines about how frequently to use it.

Benefits of Argireline for skin

For the ultimate of wrinkle-fighting, pick this Argireline Peptide Serum that targets the pesky lines and wrinkles in the following ways.

Prevents the creation of complex wrinkles. Argireline interferes with the protein receptor complex that appears to induce muscle activity. It prevents the nerves from communicating to the muscles and ordering them to contract—and less muscle contractions contribute to fewer wrinkles.

Stimulates the development of collagen: through growing the production of collagen, the protein essential for solid, healthy skin, it often tends to avoid the creation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps the skin to maintain moisture: Argireline also optimizes the role of collagen, which along with skin-smoothing effects, increases moisture levels in the skin. And hydrated skin will still look more youthful and glowing!

Is Argireline safe?

Although not everyone has side effects of Argireline, if you have sensitive skin, you can feel stinging as well as redness and dry, flaky skin. Manufacturers also warn against applying peptide-containing items to sunburned or irritated skin.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that prolonged use of Argireline can induce skin sagging and drooping in some individuals. Some users have complained about the long-term use of brain fog problems. However, none of these arguments can be confirmed or disproved by any experimental evidence.

If you have any side effects that worry you when you use Argireline on a regular basis, you should avoid using Argireline and contact your doctor.

Best Anti-aging Serum Strength suited to your Skin Type

This product offered several levels of potencies. As per the beauty specialist’s suggestion, mature women with thick lines and wrinkles should get the ones with twenty percent concentration while young women with fewer lines should stick to ten percent only. Please note that this serum is more expensive the higher its level.

There are several manufacturers in the market today claiming to include this ingredient in their products. Please be wary of these products as they are usually just a copycat and will not produce the same result as the original.

Before trying any products on your skin, it is highly advisable to consult a dermatologist first particularly if you have a skin condition like eczema.

Best Rated Products!

Lipotec Background

Lipotec is the company that produced Argireline. They found out that the peptide complex, Acetyl Hexapeptide (also known as Argireline) operates by copying the SNARE complex. To supply the power required for vesicle fusion, the SNARE complex includes SNARE proteins which are then converted into Trans-SNARE complexes. By destabilizing this process, the Acetyl hexapeptide can inhibit muscle movements thus preventing wrinkles from developing.

The marketing of what this product does is quite upfront. Its biggest selling point is its ability to destabilize the SNARE procedure thus providing strong result in solving your wrinkles problems. Your laugh lines, eye and forehead wrinkles will vanish since it hinders muscles from moving.

This product is studied and tested using one hundred female participants. In two weeks of regular application, the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes of the volunteers are visibly reduced by 17%. The participants’ lines were lessened by 30% after four weeks of usage.

Although there is no proof to support this claim, some patrons who used Argireline for a prolonged period assert that this product can make your skin sag thus worsening your wrinkles.

Botox and Argireline both contain almost the same peptide compounds. Due to these similarities, their functionalities are quite the same. Their distinction lies in their application. The Botox is directly injected into the skin thus penetrating deeply into the dermis layer while Argireline uses a topical application. The solution will not penetrate deep into the skin hence customers with thick skins do not benefit from this product most of the time.

Our skin changes as we grow old. The older we get, the thinner our skin becomes hence losing its elasticity.  Due to this, the considerably thinned skin of a forty-year-old can absorb this merchandise effortlessly as compared to that of a twenty-year-old.

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