7-Minute Workout Press Coverage 1
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7-Minute Workout Press Coverage

CNN did a great writeup on The 7 Minute Scientific Workout. We did not know this fact and we found it really interesting:

“The seven-minute circuit is actually based on a workout he designed for the Air Force in 1997. When he launched the program, 85% of personnel were passing the required fitness test; 12 months later, 97% were passing.” That is a great result!

Shape Magazine alos has a great writeup on the Supercharging The 7-Minute Workout. It has some ideas on swapping the simple exercises for more complex ones. We enjoy the 7-Minute Workout for it’s ease and the simplicity of the exercises, but we have some customers that want to push the envelope!

We recently released our iPhone Application to assist people with doing and timing the 7-Minute Workout.

7-Minute Workout Press Coverage 1
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