Interval training, as we’ve mentioned before, is one of the most efficient ways to exercise. Yesterday we shared a routine that gives you a full-body workout with 12 exercises in 7 minutes. By request, here are videos that show how to do each of those exercises properly. We’ve shared several of these videos previously, in our guide to getting a full workout with just your body and our Lifehacker Workout program. These 12 videos cover all the movements for the program we shared yesterday, designed by performance coaches at the Human Performance Institute. Do each exercise as many times as you can for 30 seconds (or in the plank poses, hold for 30 seconds), and pause for 10 seconds between each exercise. Keep in mind that for many people this isn’t meant to be just a 7-minute workout, but rather a 7-minute cycle that you do a few (e.g., 2 or 3) times. By the way, Lifehacker reader Will Wilson wrote up this handy webapp for the 7 minute routine, telling you when to start and stop each movement.