Breasts can begin to sag and droop for a number of reasons. These reasons can include rapid weight loss, aging, breastfeeding and pregnancy. This type of sagging and drooping can make a woman feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, breast sagging does not have to be permanent. There are many breast exercises designed to firm up and lift the breasts, making them appear more rounded and fuller. While you won’t experience the same results that you can expect from a breast lift surgery, there will be some positive, noticeable differences in your breasts.

Breast Exercises that Work

This first type of breast exercises is designed to tone the muscles beneath the breasts. To start, lie on the ground facedown, placing your hands shoulder width apart. Put your knees on the floor, while straightening your back.  Lower to the ground until you get your chest close to the floor, without it touching the floor. Keep your arms bent at a ninety degree angle, then push back up.  Repeat this breast exercise twelve times for a total of three sets.

Standard push-ups are also a great exercise that can tone the breast muscles, using only your body weight. Do this type of exercise for twelve reps, for a total of three to four sets for the best results.

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Use a pair of ten pound dumbbells for a pullover exercise that’s designed to lift the breasts and tone chest muscles. Use a workout bench and lie flat on your back, placing a dumbbell in each hand. The hands should overlap. The arms should be placed above the head, while you slowly begin to lower down the arms until the weights are close to your chest. Your arms should make a ninety degree angle. Repeat this exercise for a total of two to three sets.

Pec presses can work to give you a natural breast lift. Lie on the floor with the knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.  Place a dumbbell in each hand, slowly lifting them until they’re above your chest. During this exercise your abs should be held tight and your arms should be extended. Lower the weights slowly back to the ground. Do two to three sets of ten.

You can also lose weight to reduce breast size. For some women, saggy breasts are caused by too much fatty tissue. Cardiovascular exercise four to five days a week, for thirty to forty-five minutes can allow you to shed one to two pounds a week.

Why Breast Begin to Droop and Sag

The breasts contain fat and milk glands, which are supported by muscles in the chest. As a woman ages, ligaments that support the breasts can begin to stretch. This will cause the breasts to droop and sag. Menopause can also cause the fibers in the breasts to degenerate, which results in sagging. Sagging breasts caused by menopause can be treated by hormone replacement therapy.

Wearing sunscreen on your breasts can prevent the breakdown of elastin fibers in the skin, which can speed up the aging process and cause the skin on the breasts to begin to sag.