Reasons to invest in some good expensive perfumes…

Do you have two separate scents for weekdays and weekends because weekdays are just like any other office day and weekends are mostly party days? Do you feel like wearing your extravagant party perfume to the office, but skip it thinking that it is just a waste of money as your colleagues are not worthy of its exceptional fragrance? If so, then you are doing something wrong as an extraordinary perfume with hand-picked notes can make your day.

Well, I am not saying there is anything wrong in using a cheap perfume at the office after all everybody has bills to pay, but just think how confident and uplifted you feel once you wear those extravagant perfumes from Creed, L’Artisan, etc. Ask yourself, “Do I feel the same with my cheap perfumes?” I am sure the answer will be a big NO!!!

Let’s check out three reasons why that extravagant perfume sitting at the corner of your dressing table should be worn on weekdays also:

1)    On weekends, you feel care-free wearing that special outfit and exceptional fragrance. But as Monday morning comes, you feel so lazy and disgusted as there are full five days ahead of work before the next weekend.

I used to feel damn lazy on Monday morning; I am sure you know that I am not lying. I know everybody feels like that, even the best CEOs of the biggest companies. Sometimes full Monday feels like its passing so slow. But I had to find a solution and the secret was on my dressing table. One Monday morning, I just felt like applying my weekend perfume and what happened next was unbelievable!!!

Just one spray made me feel energized and confident, forgetting all my Monday gloom, ready for work. This beautiful fragrance uplifted my mood evoking wonderful memories and feelings.

2)    A really good fragrance is a conversation starter. It makes heads turn in the office and who knows, you may get an exciting opportunity while discussing the notes of your perfume with a stranger. Shhh! Don’t tell this to anybody; My Creed recently got me a career-making project. Try your fragrance; you never know where things take a turn.

3)   A carefully selected expensive perfume with hand-picked note gives you utter confidence. You can easily carry yourself in urgent client meetings putting forth your fabulous appearance. Your boss knows that you have something in you that keep you uplifted.


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