Because  of  their  advanced  designs  and  product  lines catered  to  support  both  the  mom  and  the  baby’s needs,  4Moms  is  a  known  enterprise  that  is  taking  the  infant  industry  by  storm.  The  Rockaroo  baby swing review by  4Moms  received  high  praises  from  parents  because  it  is  a  great  space  saver and  reasonably priced. It is one of their newly released products which the little ones will adore because it deviates from the normal movement and design of traditional baby  swings. It is said to calm the iratest kids with the swing’s relaxing and soothing movement different from conventional ones.

Overview: Innovative Design and Rocking Experience of 4Moms Rockaroo Baby Swing review

  • Silent-running,  the  motion  of  the  swing  is  comfy  and  smooth.  It presents  an  innovative  design and moves front and back imitating the motion of a rocking horse increasing the mobility at the infant’s head.
  • The seat is wrapped in a soft, comfortable plush material that snugly covers the baby. It includes an insert pad for newborns which can be removed once it is no longer needed by the little ones. The cover can be washed in a washing machine and is easy to remove the seat.
  • The swing operates in five different swing speeds to choose from depending on the  child’s age and weight.
  • Based on 4Moms, compared to a traditional swing, Rockaroo is seventy percent smaller making it  an  excellent  choice  for  smaller  houses.  It  can  easily  be  transferred  everywhere  inside  the house  so  the  parents  can  keep  an  eye  on  the  baby  since  the  swing  is  lightweight.  Due  to  its lightweight structure, the swing is perfect for traveling family trips.
  • You can find a cable that can be connected to an MP3 player at the base of the swing. You can custom play tunes based on your preference to keep the child calm and amused.
  • It  has  a  mobile  that  has  colorful  balls  attached  to  it.  You  have  the option  to  remove  the  plush toys  once  the  infant  is  big  enough  to  reach  them  which  is  a  choice not  commonly  available  in baby swings in the market.

Pros and Cons: 4Moms Rockaroo Baby Swing


The problem with defective swings kept the consumers from buying this product despite assistance and quick replacement of the product from 4Moms customer service team. Most parents are not so keen on the hassle of returning and wait on the new baby swing to arrive. Those clients who received functioning swing gave this product a score of four out of five stars.

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