The Moonlight Meadow baby swing by Fisher-Price is portable swing and is effortless to store. It has two swing movements: side to side and front and back. It also includes sixteen tunes choices and nature sounds why are proven to lull your kid to sleep right away. It is safe to use from the early months of the baby up until they reach to twenty-five pounds in weight because this swing has six-speed options. For newborns, you can start off with the slowest motion option which is like the natural movement experienced by you infant while still in your womb.

Overview: Principles and Characteristics of Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Baby Portable Swing

The Moonlight Meadow swing has smart swing function. It can detect the child’s weight and select the appropriate speed of the swing according to the heaviness of the infant. The mobile included is motorized. It displays three plush toys and a mirror to promote the newborn’s awareness of their environment and improve their eye tracking movement. This model has a significant advantage compared to other swings because its swing cover is removable and machine washable. It is also a plus that it can be powered by both D batteries or you can plug it into a power outlet through the included A/C adapter.

Pros and Cons: Moonlight Meadow Baby Portable Swing by Fisher-Price


Some consumers believed that this model’s structure is more applicable for newborn babies. However, it is still a necessary equipment to own during the early stages of your infant’s life. Some parents prefer a typical swing structure over this because the nest-like seat can be bulky as your kid age. The overall score given to this swing is high because of its smart swing function, portability, and wide varieties of songs and sounds.

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