Ingenuity Inlighten is a dual baby swing set that is an advanced piece of baby equipment allowing you to sync the rocker in your smartphone through the Connect Me app. It is designed to distract the infant from throwing tantrums by boosting his eye-tracking development through light shows and circling plush toys that are safely out of reach from the child. You can control these features through its motorized electronic mobile function. Here is one of best baby swing reviews

Baby Swing Reviews Ingenuity Inlighten Baby Swing’s Design and Technology

The baby swing, Inlighten can be rotated up to 180 degrees for swaying alternatives. It is also equipped with eight tunes, three nature audio, and six-speed modes you can choose from that is ideal for your baby. Also, it offers a big cushioned seat cover that’s removable and machine washable, removable head support pad for newborn babies, and several reclining position options.

You can either use it in battery-powered mode or plug it in with an A/C adapter.

It has a built-in timer swing that has options for thirty, forty-five, and sixty minutes swaying time. The most swing time recommended by most pediatricians is about one hour so the timer can help you monitor the infant’s rocking. For additional security, Inlighten also has a five-point harness rather than the conventional three-point safety belt you’ll discover on most versions.

The swing set’s dual function is economical and ideal for parents living in a small house because you can use it as a baby swing and a rocker seat at the same time. You can fold the swing framework when the baby is on the bouncer seat to save space.

The personalized swing set is very attractive to the parents because they can tailor-fit the child’s experience to their preference through the mobile app connection. You can make the child listen to your set of music, let them watch education videos, or show them a slideshow of photos.
Pros and Cons: Ingenuity Inlighten Baby Swing- baby swing reviews

Conclusion This type of dual-function baby swing set is perfect for keeping the child amused when they are active and calming enough to assist comfort the baby to sleep through its many extra features. The Connect Me app you can install on your smartphone can entertain the child by showing customized music, photomontage, or turn on the light show. The swing can support infants and babies up to twenty-five pounds. The safety harness is high above the rest of the market since it has a five-point harness keeping the parents assured of the baby’s safety.

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