My little lamb swing by Fisher-Price has a vibrant motif and mobile with attention-grabbing mobile. It is certainly entertaining for babies when they are active and in the mood to play. It is one of the best options for parents who prefer swing which does not occupy a lot of space because it is collapsible and can easily be moved or stored when not in use.

Fisher-Price Rainforest my little lamb swing

The right design for Playtime and Naptime

You can find the control panel at the top of the frame. It contains options for songs, visual effects, and swing speed. Though motorized, it is quite silent-running. You can use this swing from infancy up to twenty-five-pound babies.

For amusement, Fisher Price has a vibrant, big motorized mobile that is built with nature sounds and twelve tunes. Also, you can also find a mirror at the center of the mobile that is designed to promote the infant’s self-awareness and eye-tracking skills. The plush toys included in the mobile are colorful birds and leaves.

The seat is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. It also has a padded insert support for newborns during their early months. You can quickly detach the pad once the baby can thoroughly support their head.

You also have the choice to put the seat in a reclining position to help the baby sleep or keep it straight when they are in a playful mood. You can swing the Rainforest baby swing in two different ways: side to side or back and forth.

The control panel is very user-friendly. You can manage the volume by the yellow button at the left side of the board. The green button in the middle is used to turn the motor on or off and can also be used to adjust the speed of the swing. There are buttons placed on the right side of the panel which is used to turn the mobile on or off and to operate the controls for the tunes. You can reset the built-in songs through the last button found on the control panel.

Pros and Cons: Fisher-Price Rainforest My Little Lamb Swing


Conclusion An excellent purchase at a reasonable cost, this version has all the characteristics you’re looking for a baby swing. It has an easy-to-use panel, the frame is not difficult to fold, and mobile function which is designed to entertain your small ones.

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