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Always remember that as part of Kettlebell workout, you’ll be pressing and swinging them overhead. You may even end up dropping them when juggling, or when doing high rep sets or HIIT training.
Kettlebells most often receive lot more punishment than other fitness training tools. So, we always recommend using good quality kettlebells. Also, read their supporting documentation and learn how to lock them properly before using them.


PowerBlock Kettle Block

PowerBlock Kettle Block Review
  • Overall Rating (out of 100) - - 80


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- Strong and durable construction.
- Easy to read color coded chart for weights
- Flat bottom
- Good Lifetime warranty

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- Not good value for money.
- Little bulky


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Stamina Kettle Versa-Bell

Stamina Kettle Versa-Bell


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- Adjustable while still retains traditional kettlebell shape
- Flat bottom

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- Not good value for money.
- Little bulky
- Average warranty (90 days)
- Plates rattle at times.

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Empower 3in1 Adjustable Kettlebell

Empower 3in1 Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews


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- Good Value for Money.
- Good design. So easy to handle.
- Soft outer shell
- Comes with complimentary workout DVD

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- Weight range is rather small.
- Outer shell can get slippery.

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RocketLock Adjustable Kettlebell

RocketLock Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews


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- Two different models available: 14-20 lbs & 24-36 lbs
- Compact and rattle-free design.
- Has Look and feel of a traditional kettlebell.

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- Expensive to buy both models, if you want to upgrade in future.
- Plastic locking cap can be tricky to unlock.

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What is an Adjustable Kettlebell?

Conventional kettlebells are available in specific weights that usually range from five pounds to one hundred pounds. They have no parts, pretty much simple piece of tool, but it does work well. However, you will be limited to just one particular weight of a particular kettlebell.

On the other hand, an adjustable kettlebell is more than a ball weight with a handle. Different weights level can be added to the equipment allowing you to modify the weight of the kettlebell to your preference.


Why Choose an Adjustable Kettlebell?

One of the major advantages of an adjustable kettlebell is that it can be adjusted to suit your preference. You can just achieve the weight you prefer without having to buy a whole range of kettlebells. It is a convenient and cost-effective option especially if your training routine involves some different weights or if you are planning to take your weight training seriously and will be transitioning on heavier weights in the future. It is also the best option for a personal home gym with limited storage space, as well as for those who are on a budget.


Disadvantages of Adjustable Kettlebells

You probably think that adjustable kettlebell is the best choice for weight training. However, whether or not adjustable kettlebell is for you are still dependent on some factors – of which a personal preference plays a major role.

Some people are just not on board with the whole adjustable function of kettlebells as sports equipment. They find it easily broken and unsafe as compared to the traditional one.

Choosing the right adjustable kettlebell is very dependent on the brand because that is the only guarantee that you are going to get a high-quality model. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of inferior quality adjustable kettlebells in the market today. So if you will be interested in buying one, you have to do extensive research to narrow down your options to those of which are of high quality only.

A high-quality adjustable kettlebell should be safe and sturdy. If you are one of those in the general populace who is interested in getting one, we highly recommend you to try getting into online user reviews to be sure that you are acquiring a model that is worth for your money.

But, if you intend the kettlebell to withstand rigorous usage than normal, then, the adjustable ones might not apply to you. Some users are whining about the sound that comes with the adjustable kettlebell weights as they move while doing their routines. There is also the possibility for the locks to have cracks but this applies only to those which are made from the poor quality material.

Several trainers are still firm believers of investing in traditional kettlebells in different weight levels rather than a single adjustable one. Please refrain from any weight training completely if you have an existing back or shoulder problems unless it is under close observation of a professional instructor.

Buying Guidelines for Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettlebell training is apparently the latest hype in the fitness world today. It is a ballistic and dynamic type of training that can make your heart rate racing and tests even the most remarkable muscles.

They are simple and reasonably priced, which is a big plus for those who are building their home gyms on a limited budget.

It is no wonder that there are a lot of adjustable kettlebell in the market today given the significant savings you can make when you buy one. I for one know at least twenty different varieties of adjustable kettlebells you can get from Amazon and ten more from various online stores. There are several things you need to consider before getting your on hands on your adjustable kettlebell.


Features to consider when buying an adjustable Kettlebell:

Weight Range

The weights of kettlebell ranges from as low as five pounds (adjustable kettlebell by Rocketlok), up to eighty pounds (adjustable kettlebell by Mir Pro). Because of this, manufacturers usually provide options that can cater to the mass market. For instance, a fitness buff training with an eighty-pound weight is not likely to reap the benefits of a five-pound weight set-up. The most standard weight ranges are the following: 5 – 15, 10 – 40, or 16 – 36. However, leading manufacturers of kettlebells usually provide different options regarding weight. An example of this is the PowerBlock, Kettle Block, one of the bestselling models of kettlebell in the market today. It has a weight range of 5 – 20 pounds and comes in increments of four that are 5, 8, 16, and 20 lbs.  Watch out for makers that offer the same model in several weight ranges. For example, Rocketlok is available in two versions – Rocketlok 14 – 20 pounds Kettlebell and Rocketlok 20 – 36 pound Kettlebell. The 14-20 pounds is an excellent option in case you prefer to concentrate on your body toning and stamina, whereas the 20-36 pounds will help in developing your strength.



By making their products as distinct as possible, manufacturers take advantage of changing the coating, color, and shape of their kettlebells. Watch out for kettlebells with the small base because this type has the tendency to tip over easily making several exercises impossible to perform. The absolute differences when it comes to kettlebells are the manner of holding its weight inside.


Examples of kettlebell’s two striking designs:

Weighted Cylinder Design

The Rocketlok Kettlebell has a cylindrical weight that is fitted within the kettlebell as shown in the image below:

Weighted Plate Design

Stamina Kettlebell makes use of plated weights stack together is the best example of weighted plate design as shown in the picture below.


The bottom line is that it will still come down to your personal preference. However, as I’ve used and tested various models of the kettlebell, the weighted plate design became a favorite choice since it is easier and most manageable to use.


Locking System

We all know that adjustable kettlebell is safe and easy to use. However, its weight locking device is its one part that has the tendency to undergo wear and tear over time. Due to this, I highly recommend choosing adjustable kettlebell with a lifetime warranty. Usually, the easier the method of changing the weights, the less likely it is to fail over time. You should keep a look out for kettlebell with less number of parts because locking bolts are the ones that have the most inclinations to wear out later on. The PowerBlock Kettle Block does not have locking screws; the weights are merely pushed in or pulled out.

One of the most conventional ways of adjusting the weight is through a bolting structure on the top of the kettlebell. To change the weight set up, you will just need to rotate the handle to unlock the device. Then, you can remove or add the weights before shifting the handle back into its lock state. You can view the video posted below on how to make weight adjustments on a kettlebell.

Moreover, you should take into consideration how easy and fast the weights are to change and whether they can stay secure during your workout. Loose weights in the base have the tendency to clink while doing kettlebell swings, thus making an irritating noise.

Coating and Color

An essential factor of the color is the coating. Your color choices are just dependent on your personal preference. The primary function of the coating is to safeguard the kettlebell from damages incurred by accidental dropping. Since an adjustable kettlebell is a one-time procurement, it is preferable to keep it in a tip-top state. You can opt for kettlebells that come with a rubber bottom to protect it from accidental drops.

Best Recommendation: You should choose a kettlebell with a smooth finish because the uneven coating can have a tendency to cause you blistering when handling the weight.

CFF Russian Kettlebell is one of the best examples of the kettlebell with a hard wearing coat. If you want a more traditional looking model, you should check out the Stamina Adjustable Kettlebell.


Kettlebell exercises can be vigorous. You have to consider getting a kettlebell with a well-fitting handle available in today’s market to lessen the chances of you getting injured during your routine exercises.

Listed here are the things you need to consider when it comes to kettlebell’s handle:

  • The size should be big enough to fit your two hands comfortably. This is a necessity especially to those who have small or large hands. You have to look for the perfect kettlebell that will fit both your hands. For those who have been using kettlebell since the beginning, you may say that original kettlebells were not made to fit both hands. While this statement is true, kettlebells in today’s market now come with handles fitted for two hands. Our best recommendation is to look for kettlebell with a handle that will allow you to perform your routine exercises with ease.


  • The right handle should also have a smooth surface to avoid the risk of blistering since most kettlebell’s workouts include swinging movement. Several kettlebell makers make finishes smoother than others. We recommend that you select a handle with the relatively smooth finish but with enough grips to keep it securely in your hands. However, you are still free to choose a handle on your personal preferences.


  • Choose curved handles, so you can grip the handle with ease whenever necessary. It can also make your regular workout alternation with ease.


  • Handles should be made from a single cast mold. You do not wish for any seams protruding from your adjustable kettlebell especially from the handle. Seams can cut into your hand’s skin thus impeding your capacity to complete your regular exercises until it’s completely healed.


Keep in mind that the weight of the handle should be considered in the total overall weight of the kettlebell. Take not that most adjustable kettlebell handles weighs around five pounds.


If you are still concerned about incurring an injury while using the kettlebell, you might consider getting the following products to help you:

  • Leather Gym Gloves – this could prevent occurrence of hard skin forming on your hand and blistering
  • Kettleguard Arm Protector – this can protect your arm from swingbacks since it has a padded cushion



Kettlebells are usually made from steel or cast iron. You also have the option to get a fixed weight kettlebell made from cement, but this is no longer popular today. All adjustable kettlebells use a metal locking system which functions well with weights made from metal plates.

Moreover, you might want to consider getting a kettlebell made from metal as opposed to the plastic version which can quickly breakdown. A plastic kettlebell is an ok option if you are just a beginner and is still deciding whether you will pursue this type of workout because of its low price. However, if you are after the durability of the equipment, you might want to choose the metal versions as they are known to last longer.



You should also take the manufacturer into account when purchasing an adjustable kettlebell. High-quality fitness products are mostly provided by the famous makers as compared to newcomers in the industry. Leading market leader can also provide you with a warranty up to five years for the weight thus providing you with enough security when making a purchase. Not only do you get the value for your money but you also get to experience a top quality service they provide.


Offers and Prices

One of the advantages of getting an adjustable kettlebell is its flexible prices. They cost less than fixed weight sets, and there are a huge number of varieties to choose from depending on your budget. You can expect to shell out around two hundred dollars for the top of the line product. Kettlebell’s prices range from fifty dollars up to one hundred fifty dollars. Please visit Amazon for an updated price guide.

Take advantage of existing promos and offers when you purchase a kettlebell like the Gold’s Gym Extreme Kettlebell. This model comes with a free workout DVD perfect for getting started when you buy it. However, do not let freebies get the better of you. You should still go for the top quality kettlebell that is perfect for your personal workout routines. You can always get kettlebell for beginners video on YouTube if you want some help on starting with your workout.

You should stick to a budget you are comfortable with when purchasing a kettlebell. However, in my experience, two hundred dollars is a worthy investment for a top of the line kettlebells. It would sure make a difference in quality and performance in the long run, and you get to take advantage of the lifetime warranty that comes with the model.


Kettlebell Training and how it works

Kettlebells are weights. Preferable kettlebells in the market are usually made from steel or cast-iron that looks like a ball with a handle. If you may not know, kettlebells are used as a sport in the Olympics that made Russia famous.

In the last few years, fitness enthusiasts are rediscovering the benefits, versatility, and advantages of kettlebell training. It focuses on different fitness training like strength, cardio, endurance, agility, and balance you just can’t believe that it is just one piece of equipment!

Kettlebells are a little like a dumbbell; the grip, however, is different, which makes you utilize an entirely distinct center of gravity thus engaging a separate set of power with it. The center of gravity of dumbbells is in your hand, which makes it easy to perform. Kettlebells, on the contrary, is a little harder to manipulate on account that its center of gravity is way outside your contact grip.

Kettlebells are easy to use. There are different types of swings you can use for strength training – single-handed press, double handed presses, and pulls just to mention a few. Each of this exercises targets several areas and may require you to use your core stability and engagement, your leg power, etc.

It makes an all-inclusive method of exercising which involves your whole body movements, which is most of the time, not practiced in strength exercises routines.



Adjustable Kettlebell – Popular Exercises


Kettlebell Swing

There are several techniques to include kettlebell swing into your daily workouts. You have the option to do two-handed swings, one-handed swings, or a combination of the two. The fundamental motion is the same whichever you prefer.

You start by gripping the adjustable kettlebell firmly with either two or one hands. Your feet should be spread out at a distance that is slightly wider than your hip. Keep your back straight, lean down into a squat formation, and swing the kettlebell between you spread legs and behind your body.

Continue swinging the kettlebell as you return to your original position. The kettlebell should be placed right in front of you until it goes at your shoulder length. Your current figure should be a straight line, with your arms in front of you.

It is easier to start with a two-handed swing using a lighter weight. One-handed kettlebell swings are a more complicated form of training. You have to be sure to switch between hands at the same count to work out the muscles on your side evenly.


Other Exercises for Adjustable Kettlebells

Although kettlebell swing is a good cardio exercise, there are some ways you can use the kettlebell into your daily routine. Here is a list of traditional and well-accepted workouts for kettlebells from Kettlebells USA:

  • Overhead presses

  • Tosses

  • Juggling

  • Windmills

  • Bent presses

All suggested exercises need a different kettlebell weight. You can choose a heavier weight for tosses and swings motion because these types of workouts can release more explosive energy. Windmills and presses need a more coordinated action so you should opt for a lighter weight or a smaller bell. Adjustable kettlebells are perfect or those who are not yet certain which exercise type is suited for them. Since you can easily adjust the weight of the bell, you can alternate from explosive moves to controlled ones quickly without having the need to change equipment.


Ideal Weight Ranges for Men and Women

The ideal weight of the kettlebell you can use for your workouts should be suitable for your body type. It should also vary depending on your level of athleticism and gender. Here is a list of the weight ranges to look for adjustable kettlebells fitted for men and women.


  • For beginners who rarely exercise: eighteen pounds
  • For those who are active: eighteen pounds for controlled exercises; thirty-five pounds for ballistic workouts
  • For those who are Athletic: twenty-six pounds for controlled exercises; forty-four pounds for ballistic workouts


  • For beginners who rarely exercise: thirteen pounds
  • For those who are active: thirteen pounds for controlled exercises; eighteen pounds for ballistic workouts
  • For those who are Athletic: eighteen pounds for controlled exercises; twenty-six pounds for ballistic workouts


The weights mentioned here are based on recommended starting weights for adjustable kettlebells. You might want to consider increasing the weight; the more your muscle become stronger and familiar with the movements to be able to keep your exercises challenging and to improve on your muscles more.

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