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Can Herbs Detox Your Lungs of Tar ?? We were surprised too


Smoking fills your lungs with substances such as nicotine and tar. If you want to keep your lungs healthy, here is our list of 5 herbs that can detox your lungs of tar! Mullein The flower and leaves of the mullein herb could both be used to soothe nasal passages. This herbal plant has been used throughout the years as a remedy for respiratory problems including asthma, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. Usually, it is used as a tea, added to oils or smoked. Mullein is a good herb for clearing the lungs even when smoked, but only in small doses. It is a natural medicine which contains a compound known as saponins which help break down the mucus in the lungs. It is soothing to the body but could be a bit harsh when smoked. Tea is recommended if you have a sensitive throat. Prepare tea by adding 1-4 teaspoons depending on the amount of water. Steep the leaves before drinking. You could also breathe in the steam for a while as well or add coltsfoot to the mix.   Lungwort Just as the name suggests, lungwort is definitely great for your lungs. This herb has been used as herbal medicine…

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6 Warning Signs That Your Body Needs Detox

Detox Water, Lemonade water detox diet

When it comes to the toxins around you, ignorance is not bliss. There are a lot of dangerous environmental pollutants out there which may affect you. In fact, scientists have confirmed that harmful environmental substances, such as cigarette smoke and benzene could age you prematurely. For the younger people, the risk is even bigger! A lot of people are getting used to the ‘not so well’ feeling and too many people live with the painful effects of having a toxic system. As a result, they become unbalanced in their thinking, emotions and physical health. If you are also experiencing these effects, you don’t need to worry anymore. Why? You could remove the toxins in your body by detoxifying it! Cleansing your body keeps diseases away, gives you energy and allows your think clearly. If you are wondering what are these signs which your body gives when it is full of toxic substances, here are six warning signs which your body is giving you:   Adrenal Fatigue If you have noticed that your body is showing signs such as difficulty in focusing, exhaustion, trouble losing weight, or even experiencing problems in the bedroom – you might be suffering adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal…

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How A Water Rowing Machine can Totally Change Your Workout Results

Rowing Machine

Die-hard cardio bunnies are ditching cardio class to hit the water rowing machines. In the past, kickboxing, cardio, HITT and Pilates classes were what was hot in the fitness world. So the rise in popularity of water rowing machines comes as kind of a surprise. So why is this type of exercise machine considered the next big trend? Probably for the same reasons that Pilates was all anyone could talk about in the late 90s. It all comes down to word of mouth. And what you may have heard about a rowing machine is true. On a rowing machine, you can burn about three to five hundred calories every thirty minutes, so the average one-hour session can allow you to burn around six hundred to a thousand calories. At full resistance, some users have reported burning as many as fifteen hundred calories. When the average five-foot-six-inch woman burns a thousand calories, they’re able to add an additional thousand calories to their daily calorie intake. According to nutritionists, a woman this size should be consuming a total of two thousand calories daily, which can be somewhat limiting and doesn’t leave much room should you cheat a little on your diet. A…

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