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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood pic

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

Rowing Machine

The design and technology used in rowing machines have improved over the past several years, giving gym rats a new and exciting way to get fit.  This type of workout offers pretty impressive results in the form of sixty-minute sessions that are designed to mimic the benefits of water-based rowing. Each workout is intense, working the core and upper and lower body while increasing endurance and focusing on a number of muscle groups. This type of tough training has gained popularity over the years and can really add much-needed variety to your fitness regimen. WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Specs and Features The Club rowing machine by WaterRower provides a realistic smooth rowing experience and is designed for commercial use in rehab clinics and gyms. The rower uses a suspended paddle in a water tank to provide a water resistance rowing experience. When the machine’s handle is pulled it causes the paddle in the water tank to spin. The type of resistance you’ll get as you row will depend on how hard and fast you’re rowing. Water resistance is a lot like air resistance, except it’s a quieter smoother experience that uses water instead of air. The more water that’s added…

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20+ Ways to Detoxify Your Beauty Habits


The cosmetic business has very little regulation on ingredients. Out of all the thousands of components used on one product, only a few of them are being regulated. As a result, as long as they list those products, they could then put anything else, granted that are not considered poisonous! Even if you are someone who does not use any makeup, your beauty habits should be thoroughly examined if you want to remove all the toxins from your body and go for a healthier option. For this reason, you need to consider everything that you put on your body. Here is our post on the ‘20+ Ways to Detoxify Your Beauty Habits’! Clothes One easy way to detoxify harsh ingredients that your skin must deal is to use natural washing detergents. There are very few of them in store, but they help our skin in dealing with harsh ingredients from our clothes. Try product as well as .   Hair Shampoo Often, shampoo products have toxic ingredients. If you want a healthier alternative, you could try   or  shampoo products instead. Conditioner Just like shampoo products, conditioners are often toxic. You could use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and…

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Detox water and Juicing Recipes for energy

Detox Water - Energy Boost

Best for a morning energy boost: Benefits on recipes mentioned above Cucumber Detox Water Energy boosting, Boosts your metabolism, Satisfies sweet cravings, Freshens breath, Settles stomach problems   Belly Slimming Drink Energy boosting, Helps curb appetite, Helps settle upset stomach, Boosts you digestion, Regulates blood pressure   Vitamin B Water Energy boosting, Promotes healthy skin, Boost immune system, Reduces high blood pressure, Anti-inflammatory   Ginger, Apple and Cucumber Fusion Fruit Infused Water Recipe Energy boosting, Keeps you hydrated, Boosts your metabolism, Improves endurance, Helps with weight loss   Detox Water Pineapple Orange and Ginger Infused Water Recipe Helps relieve tired muscles, Regulates blood pressure, Relieves constipation, Full of anti-oxidants, Energy boosting, Stops food cravings, Regulates blood sugar      6. Lemon and Mint Infused Water Ideal for weight loss, Great for your skin, Gives natural electrolytes, Natural palate cleanser, Promotes digestion   7. Apple Cider Soda Drink Ideal for weight loss, Natural appetite suppressant, Lowers blood pressure, Relieves heart burn, Detoxifies the body   8. Citrus and Cucumber Infused Water  Ideal for weight loss, Help dissolve fat, Help clear digestive tract, Great for re-hydration, Anti-inflammatory   9. Strawberry and Tangerine Water Ideal for weight loss, High in vitamin C, Boosts…

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