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The Mind Connection: Can Gut Bacteria Help Treat Depression


As you sit there, there’s a war raging on between the various species of bacteria within your gut. While you may not care whether the good or bad bacteria lay claim to victory, it could help determine outcome of various health related things like depression  or weight that you lose or gain. Eat a Healthy Diet Author of The Micorbione Diet and New York City Physician, Raphael Kellman says that it’s not solely about the right percentages of protein, carbs and fat as it is about preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your belly. Research from a Chalmers University of Technology study backs up this theory that intestinal bacteria can have an effect on a person’s metabolism. The healthier bacteria, the more you’ll lose weight. Prebiotics and probiotics play a key role in boosting your stomach health. Fermented items such as yogurt have active and live cultures that can deliver nutrients such as probiotics directly to your belly. A Harvard study from 2011 found that individuals who consumed yogurt had a better chance of weight loss than any other types of food. High fiber foods can also promote positive bacterial growth. This can be found in fruits, veggies and snack…

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5 Easy Core Workouts

5 Easy Core Workouts


Whether its summer or winter there’s always a good reason to workout. The following full-body workout is an ideal way to prepare your body for summer. We’re not usually a fan of using equipment but all this workout requires is any kind of ball. 1. Shoulder/Knee/Hip Workout Okay, so this one might not be the easiest but its definitely worth a shot with results to die for. Start by doing a push up, as you go up bring your right knee forward against your chest, then extend it outward and up behind you. Then bring your right knee across your body, similar to the first movement but with your knee moving across your chest to the left. Extend your leg outward and up again, then bring your knee to your side and do a push up. Repeat this on the left side with each series taking 30 seconds. 2. One Leg, Two Leg Crunches Lie on your back holding the ball with your arms stretched out behind you. Go into a sit up position bringing the ball overhead and your right knee towards the ball, leave your left leg straight, then go back down. Next do the same with your left…

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3 Ways Breakfast Obstructs Weightloss

3 Ways Breakfast Obstructs Weight Loss

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For years we’ve been hearing the adage, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and this is most definitely true. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you are going you have to start the day off right. By looking into self-reported breakfast habits across a number of participants some interesting trends have emerged and there are a couple of ways that many people could improve their breakfast habits. You Probably Need to Eat Some More On average it was found that people generally only consume between 200-300 calories for breakfast every morning. Nutrition experts recommend that you should allocate between a quarter and a third of your daily calories to breakfast. At the lowest recommended daily calorie intake that translates into a minimum of 300 to 375 calories. If you are one of the many people that do not eat enough for breakfast try starting your day of with a balanced meal. This will ensure that you are unlikely to crash and crave unhealthy foods as you approach lunchtime. Nutritionists recommend a breakfast made up of 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. Your Breakfast Has Too Many Carbs and Not Enough Fat On…

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