Best Makeup Mirror with Lights

Factors for Choosing Best Makeup Mirror with Lights

There are a couple of things needed to be considered to achieve the perfect glam look before leaving your home – good quality cosmetics that are just right for your features and a great set of makeup brushes. However, not many people think of the importance of having a proper lighting when applying their makeups.

Usually, your home has different lights in different areas of the house. While your makeup may look perfect in your room’s mirror, you do not have the assurance that it will still look flawless once you are in a natural light environment. There is a possibility that your makeup is maybe too light or too dark for your skin tone. To avoid these troubles, it is recommended that you use a lighted makeup mirror.

Why Get a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

Women have been using cosmetics for generations, even during ancient times. Lighted makeup mirrors have been introduced during the 50’s and women all over the world have been enjoying the benefits and convenience of a lighted mirror. It can provide additional lighting in any poorly lighted rooms whether they are countertop or wall-mounted mirrors. Currently, lighted makeup mirrors still serve its primary function of providing good lighting when applying your cosmetics but do a better job at simulating a natural light setting to help you use just the right amount of makeup for the right occasions.

You can also use lighted makeup mirrors to do your various beauty chores that come with maintaining your perfect self; like giving yourself a facial or even the most basic job of tweezing your eyebrows. There are several choices to select from when it comes to lighted mirrors depending on different levels of portability. You can get battery powered mirrors you can take with you wherever you go. There are also dual sided mirrors that can provide you with the magnification you wanted.

How to choose Best Makeup Mirror with Lights

Choosing a lighted mirror that is just right for you depends on several factors – do you have the needed space on your counter and the lighting of the room to put it in to name a few. You might consider something small that you can take with you wherever you go or something that can sit on your counter. Mounted Lighted mirrors should be coordinated with your room’s décor and should use less power to save up on energy, and the lights should not get too hot while you apply your makeups. Here are different things to take into consideration before buying a lighted mirror:

  1. Wall Mounted or Countertop

You should consider getting a wall-mounted mirror if your vanity table is already too crowded. They usually do not need batteries and are hardwired into the wall. If prefer the look of a vanity mirror and want a more portable option, choose something that you can put on your counter. There are also some models that can be mounted on another mirror or glass using suction cups if you want them to be less permanent while also saving on counter space.

  1. Aesthetics and Design

The most common design it comes with is usually dual-sided round mirrors. However, there are also some models with different shapes and finishes. Choose a satin nickel or chrome finish if you have a modern home. Oval shapes and brass finish can give an antique look and is perfect if you are into vintage designs.

  1. Energy Efficiency

The use of LED lighting is now a staple item inside every home including lighted mirrors. They can last long, do not emit much heat, and are more efficient. LED lights do not drain batteries quickly as compared to halogen lamps. They also consume less electricity. Halogen lighting is still available in the market if you prefer its look.

  1. Size

You can choose a mirror as small as five inches in diameter if you only wanted a lighted mirror for applying cosmetics. You should get a mirror at least eight inches in diameter or more if you want to use it to style your hair or if you want to get a wider view of your neck, shoulders, and face. Be sure that you have the correct measurement of where to put it in so you can get one that can fit well in your vanity before buying.

In a nutshell, lighted mirror can provide you with natural lighting to help you apply your makeup. You can get enough magnification to assist you with inspecting your eyeliner or tweezing your eyebrows. Light bulbs (LED) are more energy efficient and can emit less heat as compared to halogen ones.

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