The 7 Min Summer HIIT Workout

The 7 Min Summer HIIT Workout 2

We have thousands of people that use our site daily.

Over the past few months, more and more of you have asked for different workouts, to mix things up. We listed and created the 7 Minute Alternate Workout a few weeks ago.

Today we are announcing The 7 Min Summer HIIT Workout. This is another alternate workout that only takes 7 Minutes to complete. It’s based on The 7 Minute Scientific Workout and designed to give you the best workout for the least amount of time.

We are planning on developing more workouts in the future and we would love your feedback. Please click here to complete a 30 seconds survey.

Below is an overview of the exercises. Please share them with your friends and family and let’s get the word moving.

For instructions on how to do the exercises: Click Here

7 Min Summer HIIT Workout All

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Marta Guinot

I will try it today!!!


You guys Mastered it

Richard Friesen

very useful post with full image explain, i can follow it and exercises each day, thanks 🙂


kje pa je mama?