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How to Curb Your Cravings while on a Sugar Detox Diet

High glycemic diets or foods high in sugar are known to be the leading cause of many serious health conditions including weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and cardiac issues. It is also known to be a major contributor to certain kind of cancers and linked to depression and later-life dementia. If you feel tired and sluggish when you wake up, Find yourself reaching for extra cups of coffee regularly during day? Feeling bloated and tired? Then the odds are it’s time you went through a sugar detox diet. This type of cleansing diet focuses mainly on moderating the sugar in your diet until it becomes your regular eating habit. You may think that satisfying your sweet tooth is undamaging to your health, but truth be told, most people nowadays are eating way more sugar than they should have. Experts in the field concurred that an average American ingest three times more than the allowable sugar intake amount. According to research, consuming loads of sugar can expose your body to greater risk to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, and of course, increase in weight. Consuming excessive sugar even poses the same danger as cigarette smoking according to…

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