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Best Power Rack Reviews for Home Gym – 2016-2017

Allow us here to introduce you to full benefits of the power rack. Here are best power rack reviews for your consideration. If you’re creating a home gym, the power rack is the one piece of equipment you should splurge on. A rack allows you to use free weights at home and lift heavy without the need for a spotter. Machines at the gym can be useful, but you’ll typically have to wait in line to use them. You might not ever get your full workout in if you can’t find a spotter. With heavy lifting, safety is always the main priority. All power racks come with safety bars. These bars allow you to lift weights safely on your own and work by catching a barbell if you need to dump weight or accidentally drop it. You’ll need to learn how to set the bars correctly before each exercise based on your height. Some people believe that if you know your limits and lift under control, then you shouldn’t need safety bars in the first place. However, safety bars are not only used as a safety net of sorts should you lift too much, but as a safety precaution if you…

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BodyCraft F430 Power Rack Full Review

BodyCraft F430 Power Rack is a premium quality power rack built to keep you safe while lifting super heavy weights. It has superb stability weighing over 200 pounds and can support up to 1200 lbs capacity. Amateurs dedicated to overpass their boundaries are going to love this. For powerlifters; this equipment provides endless options in working out all of your muscles. BodyCraft, the creator of this fantastic and sturdy equipment, was founded in 1994. They live by the following foundations – building high-quality products with multiple purposes at a very reasonable price. They will also not compromise quality over price which explains the relatively high price of BodyCraft F430 as compared to other power racks in the market. Like all BodyCraft Equipment, BodyCraft F430 power rack is built to last as shown through its robust and sturdy parts. This equipment is perfect for squats, dips, lats, seated rows, and other leg exercises.  It also has adjustable spotter arm-bar for a worry free solo workout that is safe and efficient. BodyCraft F430 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specs This amazing well-built, heavy duty power rack has 11 gauge, 2 x 3 steel tubing designed for heavy lifting. It has pop-pin adjustments…

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Why the Squat Rack Just Can’t Compete with the Power Rack

Creating a home gym gives you the kind of freedom you never had at your local gym. It’s not just the fact that an average annual gym membership costs around $800, or the annoying gym politics that tend to arise amongst the regulars, it’s the fact that you have to interrupt your workout flow constantly to wait around for a machine. Your one hour workout now seems to have doubled in length, with a line that’s reminiscent of the last time you visited Disneyland. Some people thrive at the gym and get pumped working out with a bunch of strangers around. Lines are a good excuse for a break and a little gossip time and who cares if you end up spending an extra hour or so at the gym? A serious lifter will care. If you’re into lifting heavy, then you probably have a routine. You use the free weights for about an hour and then maybe you’ll do some body weight exercises using the pull-up bar or maybe decide to wait on a machine and tackle the dreaded leg workout. But if you’re in the flow of things and have to stop working out just to wait in…

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Atlas PR1001 Power Rack Review

The Atlas PR1001 power rack weighs in at an impressive 137 pounds and features an eight hundred pound weight capacity, which means this is one sturdy rack. You can use this piece of equipment to perform curls, squats, bench press, crunches and a number of other exercises that utilize free weights and body weight for a tougher workout. The built-in pull-up bar is located at the top of the cage and can be used for kipping pull-ups, walking pull-ups, standard pull-ups and a variety of other exercises that focus on the arms and core, for a more challenging workout. The power rack’s design is described as a walk-in, so it’s wide enough to allow free movement even for taller users which means you can work out comfortably without restricting your movements and altering normally perfect form. Atlas PR1001 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specs This power cage is made from twelve gauge solid steel and offers a total of twenty-eight positions for a full body workout. The versatility of this machine allows both short and tall users to correctly place the safety bars prior to their workout and ensures that these bars have been set to the right height in…

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Step by Step Guide to Building a Basic Wooden Power Rack

A power rack offers much-needed variety to your workout because you can now lift heavy alone, using the innovative safety bar setup. For people serious about getting fit, working all of the muscles groups in a challenging way is necessary in order to continue building muscle. Often, the body will plateau at some point once it’s used to the weight you normally lift. If you’re finally able to bench 350 pounds and do so for a few months without increasing the weight, then your body will no longer continue to build muscle and burn calories and fat. A power rack offers the type of workout a heavy lifter needs, without the fear of dropping a barbell. Racks can make a home gym complete in a way that most weight lifting machines cannot, especially bulky combo weight machines sold by such companies as Nautilus or Body Solid. These machines often include a low weight capacity and don’t allow you to continue to progress, which can feel pretty limiting, given the cost.  While you can expect to to pay thousands of dollars for a fancy weightlifting machine that can only be used for six months, power racks can be used for several…

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