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BodyCraft F430 Power Rack Full Review

BodyCraft F430 Power Rack is a premium quality power rack built to keep you safe while lifting super heavy weights. It has superb stability weighing over 200 pounds and can support up to 1200 lbs capacity. Amateurs dedicated to overpass their boundaries are going to love this. For powerlifters; this equipment provides endless options in working out all of your muscles. BodyCraft, the creator of this fantastic and sturdy equipment, was founded in 1994. They live by the following foundations – building high-quality products with multiple purposes at a very reasonable price. They will also not compromise quality over price which explains the relatively high price of BodyCraft F430 as compared to other power racks in the market. Like all BodyCraft Equipment, BodyCraft F430 power rack is built to last as shown through its robust and sturdy parts. This equipment is perfect for squats, dips, lats, seated rows, and other leg exercises.  It also has adjustable spotter arm-bar for a worry free solo workout that is safe and efficient. BodyCraft F430 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specs This amazing well-built, heavy duty power rack has 11 gauge, 2 x 3 steel tubing designed for heavy lifting. It has pop-pin adjustments…

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Rogue R-6 Power Rack Review

  Choose Rogue R-6 power rack only if you want one of the best personal gym power racks for powerlifters, especially if you are serious about strength building. It is manufactured by Rogue Fitness, an American company with good reputation and years of experience building superior power racks. Being the official equipment provider for Cross fit Games, Rogue Fitness is one of the leading providers of American made strength and conditioning equipment. Rogue R-6 is built to keep you safe even while working with super heavy weights, be it an athlete training for a competition or just anybody who has enough experience and wants to move on to a higher level. Rogue R-6 Power Rack Assessment: Features and Specifications As all power racks, Rogue R-6 is your best partner in working out alone. Weight training usually requires a spotter as safeguards but with power racks, you will always have a failsafe. You might think that lifting weight within your capacity will lessen if not prevent weight lifting accidents but you couldn’t be more wrong. You will realize this as you push yourself to near exhaustion with all your muscles cramping, that it’s better safe than sorry. Also, you will only reach…

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Best Water Rowing Machine Reviews – Updated for 2016-2017

Row machines aren’t as common in gyms as a treadmill or weight bench, but they should be. You may find one or two models, but they’re usually air resistant or piston operated models, which don’t offer the best workout. The lack in high-end rowing machines is caused by the common misconception that rowing is a mediocre workout that provides sub-par results. Realistically, rowing can actually increase endurance, build muscle, strengthen the core and burn fat, making it one of the best total body workouts around, second only to swimming. This type of workout can put even cycling and running to shame because it burns about fifteen to twenty percent more calories than both workouts at the same level of exertion. Rowing is considered an excellent core workout because the abs are engaged during each stroke. While it can definitely offer an impressive fat burning workout, it’s also an ideal machine to use for people who are rehabbing muscles, the elderly or people with disabilities. With all of the benefits, you may be wondering why this type of workout is so unpopular. The main reason is that most people don’t know how to properly use a row machine and improper use…

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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood pic

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

The design and technology used in rowing machines have improved over the past several years, giving gym rats a new and exciting way to get fit.  This type of workout offers pretty impressive results in the form of sixty-minute sessions that are designed to mimic the benefits of water-based rowing. Each workout is intense, working the core and upper and lower body while increasing endurance and focusing on a number of muscle groups. This type of tough training has gained popularity over the years and can really add much-needed variety to your fitness regimen. WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Specs and Features The Club rowing machine by WaterRower provides a realistic smooth rowing experience and is designed for commercial use in rehab clinics and gyms. The rower uses a suspended paddle in a water tank to provide a water resistance rowing experience. When the machine’s handle is pulled it causes the paddle in the water tank to spin. The type of resistance you’ll get as you row will depend on how hard and fast you’re rowing. Water resistance is a lot like air resistance, except it’s a quieter smoother experience that uses water instead of air. The more water that’s added…

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